ISLAMABAD: The government on Saturday raised the prices of petroleum products by up to Rs4.71 per litre, citing the rising trend in the international market.

However, following directives of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the government made a partial increase of Rs2.5 per litre in the price of high speed diesel (HSD), which is mostly used in agriculture and transport sectors. The summary sent to the prime minister had proposed an increase of Rs3.57 per litre in the HSD price.

“The government has given a subsidy of Rs1.07 per litre in the price of HSD to facilitate consumers following direction of the prime minister,” a senior government official said. Total subsidy on the HSD price now stood at Rs3.63 per litre, he added.

The government has passed on the full impact of increase in prices of all petroleum products, except HSD, to consumers.

The new price of HSD is Rs112.26 per litre.

The price of petrol has gone up by Rs4.64 per litre, from Rs104.50 to Rs109.14 per litre.

The price of kerosene, which is used as a fuel for stoves in remote areas where liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is not readily available, has seen an increase of Rs4.71 per litre, bringing its price up from Rs101.28 to Rs105.99 per litre.

The price of light diesel oil (LDO), mainly used for industrial purposes, has been increased by Rs2.31 per litre, from Rs96.12 to Rs98.43 per litre. The price of high octane blending component (HOBC), which is mainly used in luxury cars, has been increased by Rs5.89 per litre, from Rs132.44 to Rs138.33 per litre.

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irum afshan qureshi
September 1, 2013 1:18 pm

the current policies of the nawaz government have set an unprceedented example in the pakistan social sector of how to shatter the backbone of the pakistani poverty stricken nation.

Muhammad Riaz
September 1, 2013 4:41 pm

This is just shameful, they have found an easy way to earn money and increase revenue and don't care what it means for the poor, flood and terror affected people of pakistan. this must be resisted. they must decrease the govt taxes on POL products if they cannot decrease actual price due to international market. why not tax the rich,landlords and decrease govt expenses. people must rise otherwise this shamful govt will buldoze us all to our graves.

Ameer Taimoor
September 1, 2013 6:49 pm

This Govt. is also going on the same policy as Zardari passed his period. This Govt also has been failed in providing a relief to the public.

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