22 August, 2014 / Shawwal 25, 1435

Preparing for World Cup

Updated Jul 14, 2013 09:41am

OUR cricket team has not done well. However, there is still time before the next World Cup to put into action a plan for a rejuvenated Pakistani team.

Surely, there could easily be a million cricket enthusiasts suggesting an infinite variety of cures. Unfortunately, it is not such a simple exercise otherwise Bob Woolmer, Zaheer Abbas and Javed Miandad could have got it right by now.

The problem is that from 50 runs for three out you cannot hope to post 300 runs to be in a winning position. The inability to get runs has dogged the team for decades. How to change this is the question? India has succeeded; why cannot Pakistan?

You should consult experts and get their views on the issue and in the national interest I hope somebody comes up with the correct solution.

If not I have a plan which is guaranteed to produce world-class batsmen within six months, provided there is no interference in selection and the plan is allowed to work on a war-footing basis.


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Amir Cheema
Jul 14, 2013 10:49am

Clearly there is nepotism by Misbah and selectors who continue to favor their own batsmen. How could you justify playing Imran Farhat and Shoaib Malik despite repeated failures. Also Misbah's style of slow batting puts pressure on the remaining batsmen as the run rate starts climbing. Misbah is not an inspiring captain anyway. Compare his positions with Dhoni. Dhoni is a finisher and can accelerate when needed where as Misbah fails to finish the game. He can make an odd fifty but never win a game. Team needs a new captain and time is now to prepare the team for world cup. Misbah should play tests only.

Jul 14, 2013 11:11am

I appreciate Mr. Fakir Aizazuddin's offer to produce world class batsmen within 6 months. In my opinion, we do not have batting talent in Pakistan for Mr Aizazuddin to implement his plan . The irony is that the youngsters are interested more in becoming fast bowlers than taking batting seriously. Secondly our domestic cricket structure and wickets are not suitable for promoting the game.

Jul 14, 2013 04:13pm

Let face it we are no good as a cricket team or as a nation. Until such time we stop shooting at Sri Lankan players when they come and play in Pakistan we are nothing in the eyes of the world. As for the world cup we can forget it.

Malik, Lahore.

Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmad
Jul 14, 2013 08:14pm

How to win the Cricket ODI World Cup 2015

In this regard, PCB must prepare a plan named ”Vision 2015?. This plan should be a fool proof strategy with specific focus on winning the 2015 tournament, considering all risk factors, like sudden unavailability of any player due to various reasons, at least five umpiring decisions going against us (two in batting & three in bowling innings), dropped catches/missed run outs and failure of main bowlers and batsmen etc. We should remember that plans never fail, we fail to plan. Moreover, the PCB “Vision 2015? must state that “You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.” The broad outlines of the “Vision 2015? are defined as below. 1. Gary Kirsten/Ricky Ponting (if available) or a person equal to their calibre, should be appointed the coach of Pakistan cricket team. 2. A young person (not obviously Shahid Afridi) should be appointed captain to lead the team for the next 5-7 years. 3. All cricket playing centers of PCB in Pakistan, should remodel the boundary distances to 90 meters (matching the size of Australian grounds) and batsmen should practise taking 5 runs, in case, ball is fielded before it reaches the rope. 4. Any player who is not of age and fitness to serve the country for next 5 years, should be discarded now, for ODI and T2O games. 5. A world class fielding coach of the calibre of Jonty Rhodes, be appointed for the team, alongwith the head coach. 6. We must find more than five bowlers from the tribal belt or any rugged area of the country, who should be able to bowl at 100 MPH speed. To attract the country talent of fast bowling, a handsome prize should be annouced, as an incentive for this speed bowling. 7. Cricket academy at PCB HQ Lahore, must be headed by a world renowned batsman. 8. The team of selectors should be tasked to locate 50 talented players, with potential to deliver at international level. 9. PCB should take on the challenge of round the year cricket (in summers, games starting at 5 PM) playing arrangements of local and foreign teams in Pakistan. And in summer 2011, PCB should pioneer night Test/ODI/T20 matches in Pakistan. 10. All PCB grounds in the country (even in smaller cities/towns), should be provided with lights for night games.
11. In order to prepare fast tracks on all PCB grounds, suitable soil and if possible prefabricated pitches may be imported from abroad.

Jul 15, 2013 12:33am

You should lay out your plan about producing batsmen, so that people can judge its merit.