IF the extent of deterioration in the standard of public service since independence is to be witnessed, there would be no better examples than Pakistan Railways and Karachi’s bus service.

Viewed alongside the growing sectarian and ethnic strifes, one wonders whether freedom from the colonial rule was worth its while for the common man. The government policies while further enriching the privileged and plundering classes are only making the poor poorer.

The trains and city buses are turning into junk because only the poor are left to use both. The travel by rail is incredibly agonising, and scores of people perched on the roof of ancient buses is a familiar sight in Karachi.

To rehabilitate the railways and to improve the bus service (not in Karachi alone but in every big city), the solutions have to be drastic for the promises and plans have only hastened the rot. Here are just two suggestions.

PIA should be privatised and the proceeds of the sale and the subsidy saved should be diverted to the railways. If Airblue with a much smaller fleet is making money and expanding, the privatised PIA is surely going to be more profitable and efficient.

The city bus should be of special design and specifications and exempted from taxes and levies of all kind. Urban transport is subsidised all over the world. Since it would not be possible for us to manage a running subsidy, one-time concession in the price of city buses should induce the operators to enter this business. No other device has worked. The discontent of the people constantly simmers threatening public order every now and then.

Sectarian and ethnic difference would abate once the state takes care of the basic needs of the people and treats them with compassion and justice.


KarachiALL pensioners, whether retired army personnel or civilian officials, would fully support Col (r) Mukhtar Ahmed's proposals (June 19).

Similarly, his suggestions for special travel concessions and other facilities for senior citizens are fully supported by all senior citizens.

In fact, the Senior Citizens Association has been agitating for it for a long time and the PPP government had proposed some action in its last days but nothing came out of it. Only a couple of days back a meeting of the Association recommended a 20 per cent increase in pensions.

The woes of pensioners and senior citizens are the same because all pensioners are also senior citizens.

It is time the government paid attention to our woes and extended a helping hand. A workable solution to shield the poor pensioners against erosion of pension increases by inflation is to permanently index the pension with Retail Price Index.


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Clive Clements
June 24, 2013 11:48 am

Modern economic management calls for selling off of public assets and privatisation is the way to go. I very much agree that the selling off of PIA and the capital derived from the venture be diverted to the modernization and expansion of the railways. Bus and all transport services must go to private hands. The main duty of government is to govern and not run public services.

Mahmood Minhas
June 24, 2013 9:00 pm

I was retired from the National bank as Vice President and my pension was fixed Rs, 4494.00 Would any body tell me how I should make my monthly budget under the present inflationary period. The government should treat all the retired employees of federal provincial and autonomous bodies at same level while announcement any increase in pension and do not allow any department to make differentiate at their sweet will.The most of the autonomous bodies of the government do not follow the instructions. The government should also realize the condition of the senior citizen and should extend them all facilities as recommended in the bill and put it to the assembly for approval.

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