THE coastal belt of Pakistan extends to about 1,050km, of which 250km falls in Sindh and 800km in Balochistan.

Important tourist beaches in both the provinces are Clifton, Hawkesbay, French beach, Gaddani, Gwadar and Orangi.

It’s a common trend that Karachiites and the outsiders plan their weekends at beaches, especially during summers.

Ordinary citizens sometimes enter the deep water carelessly without knowing about the anticipated sea level. Lifeguards are deployed at beaches for any emergency.

Here are some steps recommended as safety measures.

The government should construct tidal pools along the beaches to restrict the non-swimmers and average swimmers in safe areas. A perfect example of tidal pools is Woonona Beaches located in South Wales, Australia.

Indicator towers/pipe poles should be installed in sea water along the shore to gauge the level of water.

Colour coding may be flashed on indicator towers/pipe poles for better understanding of the anticipated sea level, i.e red, orange, yellow and green for severe, high, normal and low, respectively.

No one should be allowed to swim in deep water except those having sanction from the authorities concerned.

An act or law should be passed by the government, and defaulters should be dealt with legal actions.


Updated Jun 23, 2013 09:53am

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Comments (2) (Closed)

Abdus Salam Khan
Jun 23, 2013 07:31pm

May I add some more steps to those suggested above: - A watch tower at every frequented beach manned by trained life-savers -A life-boat cruising off-shore to react to any distress call. -Warning signs boards about the strong currents at Hawkes Bay -Encourage swimmers to rent life jackets/floats from a government shop before entering the sea. - These measure should be financed by a levy on every visitor to the beach area.

Abdus Salam Khan
Jun 23, 2013 07:37pm

Some additional measures to ensure safety at beaches: -Provide rescue through maintaining trained staff on a watch tower and an life-boat off-shore. - Provide renting facilities for life jackets/floats -Levy a tax for each visitor to finance these steps