Mohiuddin Aazim

Issues in housing finance

'The core issue is not just achieving some growth in housing finance, the real problem is to accelerate it.' Published Apr 18, 2016 06:44am

Avenues for small investors

“When we talk about those using bank accounts, National Savings Schemes." Published Apr 11, 2016 06:36am

Uneven bank credit distribution

Balochistan, Fata, Gilgit-Baltistan and AJK all of them combined get below 1pc of total bank lending. Published Mar 14, 2016 06:45am

Tighter control on forex transactions

“Recently Intelligence Bureau has shared with us some details of 800 plus hundi/hawala operators and we’re chasing them Published Mar 07, 2016 06:33am

Innovative banking products

Online and internet banking with SMS alerts are fast gaining currency as they are well-suited to busier life . Published Feb 29, 2016 06:38am

Market for stable interest rates

‘With the induction of three independent members the newly formed Monetary Policy Committee will make a difference.' Published Feb 08, 2016 07:12am

Banks eyeing business surge

Major banks are upgrading their project financing and business development cells, or have already done so. Published Jan 18, 2016 07:00am

Gold imports, money laundering fiasco

“Our own findings also show that imports of gold against fake export documents have to be blamed for a sudden drop in Published Jan 11, 2016 07:07am