22 August, 2014 / Shawwal 25, 1435

Mohiuddin Aazim

Persisting issues in SME financing

Instead of looking at just non-performing loans, people associated with SMEs propose that banks look at their ratio

Fatter fruit exports

Exporters expect to earn half a billion dollars through foreign sales of fruits during this fiscal year

Stocks eat up fixed deposits

Offering lucrative returns to lure fixed deposits is not easy as companies are using liquidity to expand businesses.

Inefficient banking services

Most junior bankers are dissatisfied with their pay scale and keep fuming over the wide gap between their ...

Tackling food crop diseases

Planting of wheat seeds dried in the sunlight after soaking them in water saves the crop from black smut

Structural flaws weigh on prices

The Economic Survey cites ‘unfavourable weather conditions’ as the key reason for the fall in gram output

Sustained growth in remittances

Whereas bankers say the double-digit growth in remittances can be maintained without making any special effort ....

Slipping food exports

Unlike rice and seafood that have been on the list of our key food exports, earnings from exports of wheat and sugar

Rising output, wider uses of molasses

Higher sugarcane production is the main factor behind increased molasses output. But to some extent, improved sugarcane

Rules for more prudent banking

State Bank of Pakistan’s latest upgradation of prudent banking enables banks to seek more opportunities.

Federal budget makes food costlier

The 5pc and 7.5pc sales tax on retail outlets, depending on their monthly electricity bills, is being included in the

Fall in cropped area

Agriculturists say one reason for the fall in total cropped area is that after the super floods of July-September 2010,

Exchange rate outlook

“The central bank will not be able to support a falling rupee by resorting to net selling of dollars within a given

Poultry industry’s take on budget

Poultry farmers say even if there is some rationale for levy of duty and sales tax on soybean meal, the timing is so bad