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Lankan meltdown lessons

Lankan meltdown lessons

The Sri Lankan turmoil is a classic example of an economy caught in an acute debt trap.
Updated 13 Jul, 2022 09:33am
Another jump sees petrol near Rs250

Another jump sees petrol near Rs250

Miftah says petroleum levy applied to revive stalled IMF programme; country’s fuel consumption jumped 20pc in last two months.
Updated 01 Jul, 2022 08:07am

More ‘prior actions’

It is crucial that the IMF reconsiders its stance and releases the funds at the earliest to calm uneasy markets.
Updated 30 Jun, 2022 08:31am

Taxing corporates

The steps taken by the government are reflective of the extremely sorry state of our economic affairs.
Updated 25 Jun, 2022 04:17pm
Stunted imagination

Stunted imagination

Our political, economic imagination has been stunted by ‘experts’ who claim to be acting on basis of ‘objective’ economic facts.
Updated 24 Jun, 2022 10:18am

Funding expectations

Next few months will show how serious govt is about putting in place measures to strengthen country’s debt management outlook.
Updated 23 Jun, 2022 08:10am
‘Lifeline’ IMF deal secured

‘Lifeline’ IMF deal secured

Petroleum levy of Rs5 to be imposed each month, up to Rs50; Rs200bn in provisions for salaries, pensions set aside.
Updated 22 Jun, 2022 08:52am

IMF agreement

The more the agreement with the IMF gets delayed, the more unmanageable the economy will become.
Updated 21 Jun, 2022 07:14am