Economic turmoil

Missing in action

It is high time Ishaq Dar lives up to the responsibility that he lobbied and fought for.
Updated 03 Nov, 2022 07:31am

Debt deferment

Pakistan’s dollar funding needs for next 5 years have never been so large and world’s appetite to hold its hands never so poor.
Updated 26 Sep, 2022 08:37am
The great wave

The great wave

The scale of destruction caused by the current disaster is truly staggering.
Updated 15 Sep, 2022 10:42am

Inflation concerns

Price inflation, especially food inflation, should be the key concern of the government.
Updated 03 Sep, 2022 08:20am

Impact on industry

Deluge triggered by climate change shows economy is going to slow down significantly in near to medium term.
Updated 02 Sep, 2022 08:35am

Structural problems

Pakistan is struggling to tackle a troubling current account deficit and one of the world’s fastest-growing inflation levels.
Updated 26 Aug, 2022 08:53am
Striving for economic unity

Striving for economic unity

In current climate of political polarisation and crisis, the private sector is taking the lead in drafting a Charter of Economy.
Updated 08 Aug, 2022 09:49am
Unsustainable trajectory

Unsustainable trajectory

The booms appear to be getting shorter and the busts ever sharper and frequent.
Updated 08 Aug, 2022 09:50am
Our exchange rate woes

Our exchange rate woes

The political crisis is preventing the economy from healing through normal doses of price increase.
Updated 06 Aug, 2022 08:47am

Economic restructuring

All the policies and tough decisions implemented by the PML-N-led ruling coalition have so far translated to firefighting.
Updated 06 Aug, 2022 08:33am

Weekly inflation continues to rise

The SPI increased by 0.82pc from the previous week, mainly due to a slight increase in perishable food products.
Updated 06 Aug, 2022 09:33am

SBP reverses cash margins on imports

Cash margins reversed from 100pc to 25pc and in some cases to zero; SBP says moved aimed at providing relief to importers.
Updated 06 Aug, 2022 09:40am
Life is a struggle

Life is a struggle

Maintaining price stability is especially crucial when the state does not offer any safety net.
Updated 05 Aug, 2022 08:40am