RAWALPINDI: A constitutional amendment renaming the State of Pakistan as the ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’, is expected to be introduced by the Government in the National Assembly during its next session opening in Dacca on March 8, it was authoritatively learnt today (Feb 3).

Under the new Constitution, the State is named ‘The Republic of Pakistan’. The addition of the word ‘Islamic’ will restore the nomenclature of the Constitution of 1956.

The Bills relating to the Constitution — both official and non-official — are expected to dominate the proceedings of the National Assembly next month.

The first major constitutional amendment already decided upon will be one providing for the justiciability of fundamental rights. The official draft Bill on this subject was ready even when the Assembly met for its emergency session in November last year, but it could not be introduced due to lack of time.

Another constitutional amendment of still greater importance will be necessitated following the submission of the report to the Assembly on franchise for election of Central and Provincial Assemblies as well as the President by the Franchise Commission. There are also non-official Bills relating to the Constitution pending before the Assembly since June last year.—Agencies

Bhutto made External Affairs Minister RAWALPINDI: A minor reshuffle of portfolios among Cabinet Ministers has been made by President Ayub, following allocation of External Affairs to Mr Z.A. Bhutto.

Rehabilitation and Works Division has been taken off from Mr Bhutto. He will now hold portfolio of Industries, Natural Resources and External Affairs. —Staff Correspondent