Unveiling ORA Developers: frontrunners of real estate and hospitality

ORA Developers, a visionary force in real estate and hospitality, navigating risks, and shaping an innovative future.
Published September 14, 2023
Ayia Napa Marina, Cyprus
Ayia Napa Marina, Cyprus

ORA Developers holds a distinguished reputation in the realm of real estate and hospitality. At the forefront of this enterprise is the Chairman and CEO, Naguib Sawiris, a renowned figure in the global business community. A visionary by nature, Sawiris transitioned from the telecom industry after selling his successful company to embark on a journey into the realm of development. Guided by innovative and captivating design sensibilities, Sawiris cultivated ORA with the right blend of vision, expertise, intuition, and personnel.

Navigating risks and risk mitigation

ORA's operational scope spans the Middle East, South Asia, and the West Indies, encompassing premium residential communities, mixed-use properties, and hospitality establishments. With projects in diverse locations, ORA has had to prepare for various challenges that come with operating in varied geographical locations. The team works carefully to fine-tune operations to deal with challenges associated with fluctuating exchange rates, import policies, and compliance regulations. Sawiris and his proficient team adapt swiftly to industry shifts and new challenges.

Effectively expanding operations from east to west was a formidable undertaking. Yet, leveraging his extensive years of experience, the Chairman and CEO strategically embraced calculated risks, uncovering lucrative opportunities. His unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional properties, fueled by extensive travels, led him to discover ideal locations worldwide. Overcoming challenges such as soil quality and sourcing high-caliber local materials, Sawiris remained resolute in manifesting his vision, without compromising on quality. This resolve prompted ORA to import materials from the US and engage foreign experts in project implementation.

Silversands, Grenada
Silversands, Grenada

Cultivating the ORA culture

Sustaining the organic growth of an institution like ORA demands recruiting individuals whose goals and vision resonate with the Chairman's ethos. Sawiris onboarded experts from across the globe to spearhead projects and ensure their efficacious management. The team's attributes mirror those of their leader—dedicated to delivering perfection and opulence, prioritising a life of purpose rather than mere survival. The management of an expansive enterprise like ORA requires agility and collaborative synergy, two attributes embodied by the team. It's no surprise that ORA boasts a commendable retention rate; employees feel valued in their roles and benefit from the ever-evolving environment that nurtures personal and professional growth.

The future of ORA

ORA's journey has been marked by impressive strides in a relatively brief period. The Chairman, alongside his cadre of senior leadership worldwide, remains steadfast in maintaining the growth they have achieved. While already entrenched in seven pivotal locations globally, the company has plans to explore untapped markets, introducing new and captivating offerings alongside expanding established flagship brands like Silversands and Yi Hotels in new locations.

ORA is also planning to enrich their guests’ experiences at their hospitality establishments with more retail, restaurant, and bar options, while enhancing their spa services to provide the ultimate relaxing experience.

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