The jackals invade fruit park - Part 3

Let's find out what Din Din is up to this week.
Published October 1, 2022

Din Din was a nervous wreck. He had come to Old Rex's huge cave to seek an audience with him.

"Sir, I ...I ...know I am young but I believe we should ask Wiz Rooster to come and negotiate this situation we have between the dinosaurs and the jackals," stammered Din Din.

Old Rex's eyes narrowed.

Din Din swallowed the lump in his throat, "I am very concerned, Sir. Fruit Park is our home and I want to be able to save it."

Old Rex's expression softened, "It's so heartening to know that our younger generation feels so strongly about our home. I appreciate your sentiments." With a sigh the old dinosaur continued, "What did you have in mind?"

So Din Din convinced Old Rex to invite Wiz Rooster to mediate.

"But who will convince the jackals to come and respect Wiz Rooster's intervention?" asked Old Rex. "After what happened in the Orange Orchard last time we tried to talk, the jackals have refused to meet with us."

Din Din looked flustered. "Maybe Wiz Rooster will be able to convince them?" So Din Din made another trip to Wiz Rooster's home that evening.

"Wiz Sir, I humbly invite you to mediate between the dinosaurs and jackals. But ... we have to convince the jackals to come. Not just come and participate but also respect the decision we come to," said Din Din.

"I might just be able to help," said Wiz Rooster with a smile. "Come with me."

So, the two set off towards Fruit Park. Finally, they reached the mango grove where the majority of jackals had set up their homes.

When the jackals saw Din Din they screwed up their wolf-like noses in distaste but when Wiz Rooster appeared, the jackals got up from their lazing positions.

"Wiz Rooster," the head of the pack of jackals came forward, "To what do we owe this pleasure? Please come. Welcome to our new home."

Wiz Rooster smiled. "Hello Jacko."

Din Din was stunned when he saw the polite manner in which the jackals were behaving with the rooster. He saw Wiz Rooster speak to the head jackal, Jacko, in hushed tones. Soon, Jacko walked upto Din Din and said, "Tell Old Rex we are ready to talk if Wiz Rooster will mediate."

Din Din's mouth dropped open in amazement. What magic words had Wiz Rooster whispered in the jackal's ears?

Din Din simply nodded. When Wiz Rooster began to walk away, Din Din ran behind the bird.

"Sir, Wiz Sir! How did you do it? How did you make them agree?" gasped Din Din as he caught up with the rooster.

"Actually, the jackals had come to me for help many years ago. There was the matter of some of their young jackals getting lost in the deep caverns. I had helped them find their young and ever since they are very grateful," explained Wiz Rooster with a kind smile.

"Oh Wiz Sir!" said Din Din in admiration.

It was a Sunday morning when all the dinosaurs and jackals gathered in the orange orchard. The air was crackling with anticipation and lined with fear. The dinosaurs sat on one side while the jackals occupied the opposite end.

Wiz Rooster sat perched on a wide tree stump, flanked by Old Rex on one side and Jacko on the other.

"We are here to decide an extremely urgent matter of the creatures who wish to make Fruit Park their home," began Wiz Rooster in his calm voice.

"Each party will be allowed to speak once and present their arguments. I am humbled that you all have agreed to respect and adhere to my final verdict. I invite the dinosaurs to begin."

Old Rex gestured one of the dinosaurs to come forward. Din Din recognized him as one of his father's friends, Fredrick.

Fredrick faced Wiz Rooster and began, "The dinosaurs have lived in Fruit Park for three decades. Before we lived here, we were vicious and bad tempered. Our ancestors hunted for a perfect home for us and chose Fruit Park because of its serenity and its abundance of fruits so that we would no longer crave meat and blood. Ever since, we have lived here we have changed, we have become peace-loving. We have readily bartered the fruit which grows here with the animals in D'Land and have lived prosperously."

The other dinosaurs nodded in agreement as Fredrick spoke. "Wiz Rooster, now our lives have been turned upside down because the jackals have come and invaded Fruit Park. The animals of D'Land respect each other's habitats. But they did not even come and talk to us about their decision to make this their home too. Their ways are different than ours — they are always hungry, always ready for a fight and messy."

"We request the jackals to leave Fruit Park and search for another home. The dinosaur elders are afraid that our young might return to the ways of wild if they live with the jackals," Fredrick finished his statement with a bow.

It was the jackals' turn. Jacko, the head of the pack spoke in his signature growl. "There is no rule in D'Land which stops us from making Fruit Park our home. The dinosaurs do not 'own' Fruit Park that we should have asked for their permission before coming to live here.”

Jacko continued looking at Wiz Rooster, "We have not deliberately picked a fight with anyone; we have not invaded any of the dinosaurs' cave homes. Yes, we eat more than the dinosaurs but that's not a crime. You are known for your wisdom all over D'Land, Wiz Rooster. You have helped us when all the animals shunned us. We are sure that you will come to a just decision and let us make Fruit Park our home so that our young ones can have a better life than we have had."

Wiz Rooster had listened patiently and intently to both the arguments. After a lengthy silence, the rooster spoke. "It is important that we learn to live with all kinds of creatures. In a good society we must show tolerance for each other's ways and opinions but we must also respect each other's privacy and lifestyle."

There was pin drop silence, as the gathering listened for a decision. "Fruit Park is a big area. The best move to make right now would be to divide Fruit Park into two parts — the one where the caves are situated will be area of the dinosaurs, where the dinosaurs can live in freedom. The jackals will have to seek permission to enter that area."

Wiz Rooster continued, "We will draw a line to try to equally and fairly divide the premises, so that both the dinosaurs and jackals can enjoy most of the fruits which grow in Fruit Park."

Old Rex seemed disappointed with the decision but he nodded his approval. Jacko smiled in agreement. There was still a hushed silence as the assembled creatures tried to come to terms with the verdict.

"I'd like to wish you all best of luck." And on Wiz Rooster's final words, the gathering dispersed.

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