HABIBMETRO Bank pays ode to Pakistan's resilience via 'Quaid's Habib, Pakistan's Habib' campaign

The Bank has been playing a vital role in furthering the Quaid's message and celebrating Independence Day via inclusive campaigns.
Published August 13, 2022

In the two weeks leading up to Pakistan’s Independence Day, we usually witness an outburst of ads, campaigns, songs, and billboards by different brands; however, very few of these campaigns create a significant long-term impact.

HABIBMETRO Bank is known for its Independence Day campaigns; in past few years, they have executed meaningful and relevant campaigns with powerful underlying messages of inclusivity, responsible citizenship amongst many other initiatives.

This year, they take the audience through a beautifully conceptualised and picturised journey of a common man who navigates through happy and challenging moments that coincide with phases of progress, prosperity and adversity in Pakistan that we as a nation have seen and endured.

The ad film also shows how Habib's banking legacy has played a pivotal role in the shaping of Pakistan as a country and Pakistanis as a nation.

Watch full video here:

Through this film, HABIBMETRO celebrates key moments from the rich history of Pakistan and pays a tribute to our resilience as a nation. It also gives a very strong reason to believe the Bank’s claim of being Quaid Ke Habibs and Pakistan Ke Habibs.

The video is an ode to the bond that this nation has with its Habibs.

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