With over 4000 solar systems installed nationally, Skyelectric is providing a new eco-friendly energy alternative to Pakistan

The company's smart solar systems enable customers to get zero and even negatively valued electricity bills.
Updated 13 Sep, 2021 12:19pm

With the vision to make reliable, innovative and affordable energy accessible to all, SkyElectric is offering smart solar-energy solutions to customers across Pakistan.

The company is addressing energy-related challenges faced in Pakistan by extracting renewable sources of energy, particularly solar power.

The smart solar systems produced by SkyElectric are amongst the most technologically advanced in the world, having an in-built Artificial Intelligence (AI) software, battery management software backed by customer service that is available round the clock.

SkyElectric also offers a range of products that meet the varying demands of consumers.

The company has been well received in Pakistan with clients ranging from residential and commercial to industrial sectors.

Currently, they have installed over 4000 solar systems, with 1000+ installations at various residential sites.

Helping Pakistan combat cost and power-supply challenges

SkyElectric recognises that many people in Pakistan are faced with constant load-shedding, surging electricity bills in summers due to increase in usage of air conditioners, and constantly increasing tariffs on electricity bills.

Backups like UPS and generators are options that are either too expensive for many to afford, or too difficult to maintain and sustain during lengthy power outages.

Due to its strategic location on the globe, Pakistan receives an average of 1KW of solar energy per square meter of its landmass for 6-7 hours per day. The number of sunshine hours amounts almost to 3000-3300 per year.

This means that, if efficiently used, solar energy can be used as an alternative to traditional sources of electricity. Since solar energy is renewable it also prevents environmental damage caused by natural resources like oil and gas.

SkyElectric's Smart Solar Systems are especially designed to cater to the needs of Pakistani people.

Promising a significant decrease in electricity bills and constant supply of energy, SkyElectric's Smart Solar Systems are an eco-friendly solution to the various challenges we face on the daily.

The company claims that its solar systems enable customers to get zero and even negatively valued electricity bills. Its intelligent energy management system manages the grid and solar energy effectively to provide maximum energy efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

Technologically powered systems that are here to shape our future

The company is committed not just to providing a sustainable power alternative to Pakistan, but also towards continuous innovation and upgradation of its current systems using highly sophisticated technological tools.

The SkyElectric SmartFlow Artificial Intelligence is SkyElectric’s patented intelligent energy management software that controls every aspect of the Smart Solar System.

It takes historical, current and predicted values of grid availability, tariff structures, solar irradiance levels, local load and energy storage levels to compute and run a power management plan.

The power management plan designed by SmartFlow automatically updates and reconfigures, ensuring that the solar system smartly uses and stores energy throughout the year.

SkyElectric's Smart Energy Inverter combines a hybrid solar and battery inverter with SmartFlow and Smart Energy Console, a touch screen to give complete energy infrastructure visibility and control to users.

The Smart Energy Inverter is cloud-connected via built-in 3G/4G and Wifi internet connectivity.

This allows the SmartFlow software embedded in the Smart Energy Inverter to continuously receive information about current and predicted grid tariffs along with availability and solar energy patterns.

SkyElectric Smart Energy Storage is a dense Lithium-ion Battery Pack that comes with a battery management system; as compared to traditional batteries used in the industry, this system can store 3-4 times more energy.

The Network Operations Center (NOC) is a central component of the SkyElectric Smart Solar System. Smart Solar Systems are monitored 24/7 by NOC engineers who have access to all power, health and fault information sent by the Smart Solar System.

In case any fault arises in the system, the NOC is notified immediately to perform remote diagnostics and fix the issue. NOC personnel can also dispatch technicians to provide on-site services as and when needed.

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