ConsoliAds sets off as the first mobile ads management platform to offer monthly payouts in Pakistan

By signing up, mobile game publishers receive up to 20% instant incremental revenue.
Updated 24 Aug, 2021 11:16am

ConsoliAds Sets Off As the First Mobile Ads Management Platform to Offer Monthly Payouts in Pakistan

Waiting for 60 tiring days just to receive payouts post game monetisation is no doubt a pain.

Newly introduced in Pakistan, ConsoliAds has got your back. Now avail an exclusive opportunity to monetise mobile games and get paid instantly every month on no matter which ad network.

ConsoliAds is a leading Singapore-based mobile ads management platform having a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

With its development office in Pakistan, ConsoliAds thrives in the international market by bringing novel game monetisation solutions to the table.

The engineers and professionals at ConsoliAds understand the grass-root issues of game development to make monetisation easy for publishers.

ConsoliAds offers a lightweight SDK that only takes one-time integration to deploy quality ads within your published mobile game.

This robust ads management platform serves ads from high performing Ad Networks with auto-mediation to ensure ideal eCPM scores. The ConsoliAds’ fleet of Ad Networks includes Google Admob, Unity Ads, Ironsource, Facebook Audience Network, Applovin, Chartboost, Vungle, Adcolony, and continues to expand every single day.

ConsoliAds has recently launched its monthly payouts policy considering the concerns of mobile game publishers in Pakistan. Signing up with single Ad Networks translates into a waiting time of 60 or 90 days for payouts. ConsoliAds, in contrast, is offering instant payouts every month, no matter which ad network.

By signing up with ConsoliAds, mobile game publishers receive up to 20% instant incremental revenue and the exclusive opportunity of monthly payouts.

The platform ensures data and revenue transparency and maintains over 90% fill-rate by serving quality ads from top ad networks in real-time.

ConsoliAds is known for offering swift user-friendly dashboards, easy optimisation and effective cross-promotion campaigns across digital touchpoints. The platform has made monetisation with in-app advertising easier than ever in Pakistan.

Sign Up with ConsoliAds now to avail all the perks of hassle-free game monetization with convenient monthly payouts every time.

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