Our love for the bustling metropolis knows no bounds. Let's discuss why

From street food to bazaars and tall buildings, here's what makes us love Karachi so much and Coca Cola celebrate the city of countless opportunities through a photo contest.
Updated 04 Mar, 2021 01:30pm

The pandemic and recent lockdowns have made us all the more appreciative of Karachi's cityscape, complete with its flashy signboards, endless hubbub and remarkable spirit.

Life in Karachi may not really make for ideal urban living, but it is definitely a life bustling with hope and prospect.

Despite all its ups and downs, the city is home to everyone who wants to call it so - it is inclusive, welcoming and downright generous. and Coca Cola celebrate the city of opportunities and Coca Cola collaborated to highlight and celebrate Pakistan's love for the city of lights, Karachi.

The collaboration brought forward some of Pakistan's most talented photographers and unique Instagram accounts that showed us why #KarachiIsLove, despite the many struggles residents have to put up with.

As the #DawnxCocaCola contest kicked off, some of the most celebrated photos that were posted showed us innumerable angles of the Clifton beach, unique shots of the many architectural wonders of Saddar and old city areas, and some of the most scrumptious street food the city likes to serve.

Key highlights

Here is a quick look at all that added to the celebration:

The beach life in the city is irreplaceable

If there is one thing Karachites take immense pride in, it's the sea!

Check out this view - that also won the first prize for our DawnXCocaCola #KarachiIsLove contest.

Karachi's Clifton beach may have its ugly moments but there is one thing for certain, it is always waiting to embrace us whole-heartedly after an exhausting day at work or just when we are looking to relax on a warm Sunday morning with friends.

A simple barefooted walk by the sea can be oddly rejuvenating, and there is nothing we would not trade for this kind of therapy.

Karachi's street food scene is strong, with a capital S

In a cosmopolis like the city of lights which knows its food (and knows it well), one cannot last long with a craving (or without one, for that matter).

Here's a look at some scrumptious street food from Orangi Town:

The buzzing streets of the city offer myriads of delicacies to indulge in while we are on the go, and that for us is one of the most unbeatable reasons why Karachi is love.

Check out this gola ganda stall from Burns road:

The city takes its chai very seriously

About to start your day? Need a break from work? Got guests? Pulling an all-nighter?

There are no problems a hot, milky cup o' chai (tea) can't fix.

Here's the second most loved winning entry from the DawnXCocaCola #KarachiIsLove contest:

We're not very accommodating when it comes to chai colours, and rightly so. Lined across all neighbourhoods, Karachi's tea stalls offer a wide range of aromatic brews that win hearts all over.

Our favourite has to be the right cross between golden and brown, frothy with just the right amount of white and lots of black. You geddit, right?

Add a piping hot paratha with a crispy top and you have yourself a (very) content Karachite.

Karachi is home to a bevy of architecturally rich buildings

Looking for artsy, distinctive, colonial architecture? Head to Saddar or Clifton, I.I. Chundrigarh or M.A Jinnah road, and Karachi will show you all.

Here's a look at the beautiful Frere Hall in Civil Lines area:

From the Mohatta palace to the far ends of the city that meet the seas to the iconic I.I. Chundrigarh road strewn with buildings from the pre-partition era, the city's cultural diversity is evident through the architecture it boasts of.

Check out the tall and beautiful KMC building on M.A. Jinnah road:

The city that doesn't sleep is a shopper's paradise

You cannot be a visitor in Karachi and simply return without burning several holes in the pocket.

The city is home to some of the country's most bustling malls and bazaars, etched in every nook and corner, ready to accommodate all sorts of pockets and piggy banks.

Looking for some of the country's most renowned brands? Hit malls in Clifton/DHA, Tariq road and Hyderi.

Shopping for wedding under a budget? Get your supplies from Rabi Centre or Hyderi, and DIY your own outfit.

Need nuts, spices and organic oils? Find unmatched variety in Empress market and Saddar.

Needless to say, there's something for everyone here, and that is the primary reason we love the city so much.

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