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NODWIN Gaming all set to unite online gamers in Pakistan through Jazba Cup tournament

The six-month long program will offer engaging community activities and tournaments for Pakistani gamers.
Updated 27 Oct, 2020 09:12pm

South Asia’s leading Esports company NODWIN Gaming has announced the first Valorant tournament in Pakistan in collaboration with American video game developer, Riot Games.

As part of the Jazba campaign, local gamers can enjoy invitationals, tournaments and community-driven activities for six months with a massive prize pool worth Rs.2 million.

More about the tournament

The Jazba Cup tournaments will be open for participants across the country.

There will be six tournaments altogether, spanning over a period of six months with each tournament having a dedicated registration window.

Registration for the first Jazba Cup tournament went live yesterday, and will remain open till the 10th of November.

Teams can re-register and participate in multiple tournaments if they fail to make it to the top in one tournament.

Matches of the first tournament will go live on 12th November and can be watched on NODWIN Gaming South Asia YouTube channel.

What brought Valorant to Pakistan?

Right after Riot launched game servers in Bahrain to service players in the Middle East and Pakistan, there was a huge surge in engagement and excitement in the region.

Soon after release, Valorant made it to the charts as the fast-growing First Person Shooter (FPS) PC online game of 2020. This encouraged NODWIN Gaming South Asia to develop an extensive plan to kickstart Valorant Esports for the gaming community in Pakistan.

“Valorant has hit the ball right out of the park with ease. There is an X-factor about this game that no other FPS has managed to crack. The servers in regions like Bahrain and Mumbai were set up in no time, so that gives a massive boost to a huge gamer base in many countries," said Merlin Wiedeking, CEO NODWIN International.

"Our friends at Riot Games have done an exceptional job in laying the groundwork and now our plan is to bring in some key competitive experiences to players here. Pakistan is a vital point in our South Asia plans and Jazba is the first step towards that.”

About NODWIN Gaming

Formed in 2015, NODWIN Gaming is an independent subsidiary of mobile gaming company Nazara Technologies.

It is one of the leading Esports companies in South Asia, having produced over 10,000 hours of gaming content and over 100 gaming and E-sports events under its belt.

NODWIN Gaming has now come to Pakistan and is aiming for grassroots development in the country through engaging community activities and tournaments.

Find out more about the Jazba Cup here or visit their Instagram.

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