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Intelligent commerce platform from Dubai all set to provide Pakistani businesses with cost-effective solutions

With around 3.4 million subscriptions, HUBB is already connecting businesses to clients all around the world.
Updated 22 Sep, 2020 02:15pm

Countries around the world faced a severe economic blow in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although the entire global economy faced a massive shrink, developing countries, like Pakistan, took a major hit.

A Dubai-based intelligent commerce platform, called HUBB, has come out with a new model to help improve the country's GDP.

In these testing times, HUBB is providing Pakistani residents with an opportunity to make a living on the international plane. The HUBB platform has been the sole global provider of SMEs all around the world, and now the enterprise is out providing a wide range of opportunities to people from all walks of life.

The service remains unmatched for its ability to provide job opportunities for food deliveries and product manufacturing under one single platform.

What's new about HUBB app?

HUBB serves as a search engine for businesses around the globe.

Currently operational in 44 countries and in 12 languages, it connects businesses with consumers directly through a monthly subscription fee.

Its 'mega app' features myriads of services including food delivery, manufacturing, property, travel, motoring, and job searches from at least 36 different industries.

During the times of a global recession, SMEs around the world faced difficulty in translating products into profits.

HUBB stepped in with its mega app and eliminated the mediators so clients could enjoy larger profits with relatively less effort and significantly low costs.

This approach provides businesses with cost-effective ways to reach their consumers and build long-term relationships on a personal level.

HUBB's new and improved app has also eased the hiring process for businesses around the globe; the app allows to hire human resource from an international market with just few clicks.

Benefits of using the HUBB platform

Here is why HUBB is an easy-to-use and efficient solution provider for businesses around the world:

1. Each business has a unique website on the platform

There are 7000+ industries available on the service platform and each business can register themselves under the category they recognise best with and start working.

2. Businesses can use keywords to connect with relevant people worldwide

The platform allows to drop business ads with unique keywords so relevant people can easily get in touch.

With more than 3,400,032 global subscriptions, the platform has been helping businesses directly find partners and suppliers from anywhere in the world with the use of simple keywords in the HUBB search engine.

3. Businesses are provided with all the necessary marketing tools

The platform is a space for businesses to talk about their services and utilise special marketing tools to stand out from the crowd.

Through a website, smart app and social media channels, both companies and freelancers can attract an organic audience and boost their sales.

Watch this video to find out more about HUBB:

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