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This leading margarine brand is now certified by Punjab Food Authority and PSQCA

The tasty breakfast spread is a key source of nutrients that are essential for healthy growth in children.

Updated 17 Jul, 2020 03:59pm

One of Pakistan's oldest margarine brands, Blue Band, has announced that they are now certified by Punjab Food Authority.

Among other certifications, Blue Band says they have also received approval from Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA).

Blue Band has actively promoted healthy growth and happy kids, and is a key source of Vitamin A and D and many other essential nutrients.

Have a look at the official announcement:

Acknowledging facts backed by Pakistan Nutrition Survey of 2018, over 40% population of Pakistani kids are known to suffer from Vitamin A and D deficiency which hinders their growth and performance at school.

Blue Band is a nutritious, plant-based spread that helps maintain health and immunity by providing:

The product has been a staple breakfast on most Pakistani tables for decades.

The brand works actively towards building quick, healthy, and tastier options for kids' breakfasts across the country, and hopes to continue creating awareness around micro-nutrient deficiencies.

Here's a look at how a small serving of Blue Band can help prep scrambled eggs for breakfast every day:

Made of high quality vegetable oils, Blue Band is an important source of essential fats and vitamins A and D.

For more updates, head over to Blue Band's official Facebook page.

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