Team Jazz introduces new work policies and systems to ensure business continuity amid coronavirus outbreak

We asked employees how they've been staying productive while working from home. Here are some useful tips they shared
Published March 20, 2020

As the world moves deeper into the unrivalled crisis of Covid-19, organisations and businesses across the globe face the challenge of planning, strategising and honing business continuity plans.

Surfacing for Pakistani employers are daily challenges and struggles to keep the work flow going as the country's number of reported cases continue to rise.

To play a role in countering the situation, Jazz has moved to a mandatory-for-all work-from-home policy in its offices; the rule was introduced nationwide on March 17th and shall continue till the 31st of the month.

How to keep employees motivated while they stay out of office

In the wake of the virus outbreak, organisations all over the world swiftly introduced remote work modules to encourage staff towards self-isolation and social distancing.

The Jazz HQ in Pakistan immediately followed suit.

Head of HR Business Partnership, Aniqa Khalid
Head of HR Business Partnership, Aniqa Khalid

Speaking on processing such an issue at the human resource end, Aniqa Khalid, Head of HR Business Partnership, said that Jazz focused primarily at creating a unique balance between employee well-being and business continuity.

“What we do know so far is that the best prevention of the Coronavirus is social distancing and self-isolation, which is why our work-from-home policy extends to all our employees nationwide. At Jazz, the work-from-home concept is not new. We launched Jazz Flex initiative two years ago, which allowed our employees to work remotely one day a week. We already have the right infrastructure and digital tools in place to ensure that operations continue seamlessly. We have also given our employees access to unlimited data to use these tools, carry out virtual meetings, and use this opportunity to become more agile", says Ms. Khalid.

Why Jazz ensures employees are working well from home

For Amir Ibrahim - CEO Jazz - the main idea behind introducing such a policy is to ensure that everyone part of the organisation realises their social responsibility and takes strict measures to ensure that the spread of the virus is slowed down in Pakistan immediately.

CEO Jazz, Amir Ibrahim
CEO Jazz, Amir Ibrahim

He says, "Pakistan is on the list of high-impact countries. The well-being of our employees, business partners, and customers is our foremost concern during these challenging times. The idea behind this move is to contribute towards social distancing. In these times, telecommunications and digital services are critical. Jazz serves 61 million customers and hundreds of leading corporations that extend to over 200 million Pakistanis. With that being said, all necessary arrangements have been made to ensure the continuity of our services to our customers who rely on us for their daily communication, entertainment, banking, and information needs. However, our priority is still to #FlattenTheCurve and to reduce the burden on our healthcare system.”

Tips and tricks: how to be productive as you work remotely

We reached out to few Jazz employees who are thriving as remote staffers in the times of the coronavirus outbreak.

Here's what they'd like the world to know:

1. Now's the opportunity to learn and implement real work-life balance

At times, the most exciting of all perks of working remotely can also become the biggest of all challenges.

WFH practices ensure employees are able to fulfill their responsibilities without making big compromises in their personal and professional lives.

Here's what the Digital Content and Entrepreneurship Expert at Jazz has to say:

2. Befriend the right digital apps and tools

Seamless connectivity and communication to the different departments and work forces in the virtual office space is important to ensure efficiency.

Here's what the Facilities Management Expert at Jazz has to say:

3. Sound time management and multi-tasking ensure remote work productivity

To ensure balance on all ends, employees need to learn how to juggle time-bound challenges as well as seek self-disclipine in an environment that hosts no physical supervision.

Here's what the Policy and Regulatory Strategy Head at Jazz has to say:

4. Ensure high speed 4G internet connectivity

The most basic of all needs as you work home: high speed, hassle-free internet.

Here's what the Core Planning and Operations Head at Jazz observes:

As one of the largest data telecommunication platforms, Jazz remains steadfast in its mission of ensuring long-term employee and business health, and wishes to fight all roadblocks in the future to continue to serve its loyal Pakistani customers.

This content is produced in paid partnership with Jazz.