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'Speak up, Mr Prime Minister': Twitterati urge government to do more on coronavirus

The lack of a statement from Prime Minister Imran Khan is not adding to the country's confidence about coronavirus.
Published March 12, 2020

The World Health Organisation (WHO) officially declared coronavirus a pandemic on Wednesday.

According to the numbers at noon March 12, over 126,000 people have been infected by the virus in at least 107 countries and territories. Around 4,630 have died as a result of contracting the virus, while 68,216 have recovered.

The number of confirmed cases in Pakistan is 20, out of which one has recovered. Sindh has received the bulk of these cases, with the province's count of cases standing at 15.

While the number of cases is not as alarming as other countries, netizens are questioning if the steps taken by the government so far are enough to contain the virus and make sure it doesn't spread.

With Prime Minister Imran Khan yet to make a statement on the pandemic, many are also pointing to what appears to be lack of coordination between the federal and provincial governments.

Zarrar Khuhro - Journalist

"It is well past time now for a fully coordinated effort by the government. The prime minister needs to make a policy statement on coronavirus and all national leadership, health departments, rescue services and military must be [brought] on board as soon as possible."

Senator Sherry Rehman - Senator

"Federal government and prime minister please take action. Stop the big congregations like other countries!"

Mehreen Zahra-Malik - Journalist

"Why isn't the Pakistan government carrying out compulsory coronavirus screening of folks coming to stadiums to watch #PSLV2020? People are lining up to show tickets & get in. Looks like a great opportunity to screen a large number of people in one place."

Nasim Zehra - Journalist

"In Pakistan, the coronavirus threat is not being taken seriously enough. Prime Minister Imran Khan must personally head a task force, with all chief ministers, key cabinet members and top military personnel to formulate and implement [a] plan for the prevention and treatment [of the virus]."

Mubashir Zaidi - Journalist

"All countries have declared [a] coronavirus emergency except us. Prime Minister Imran Khan should establish a national control room to tackle with the pandemic. Not a single penny has been released by the federal government to the health ministry."

Nadeem Farooq Paracha - Journalist

"It seems only the Sindh government is active on the coronavirus front. It is true that a majority of cases are in Sindh, but last time I checked the province was part of Pakistan. Speak up, Mr Prime Minister."

Raza Rumi - Journalist

"No room for complacency, slow response after the recent announcement by WHO. The federal cabinet and provincial chief ministers should meet as soon as possible and work on a public health response to coronavirus focusing on prevention!"

Diaa Hadid - Journalist

"Pakistan's low numbers [of coronavirus cases] at this point most likely reflects a lack of testing."

Mazhar Abbas - Journalist

"There is no harm in keeping the educational institutions closed for sometime."

Shoaib Akhtar - Cricketer

"Its a tough and difficult time for humanity all over the world. Everyone please don't spread rumours and unverified news. It creates panic of all sorts. It will be great if we act responsibly."

Fatima Bhutto - Writer

"Still trying to understand why PSL hasn’t been cancelled during a global pandemic."

Faizan Lakhani - Sports journalist

"We are the nation that run towards beach when we hear about any cyclone and you want to have PSL behind closed doors? "

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