With a peace deal ready to be signed, what is next for Afghanistan?

Taliban say they will release 1,000 Afghan prisoners and expect 5,000 of their men to be released in return.
Updated Feb 29, 2020 07:22pm

The planned signing on Saturday of an agreement between the United States and the Taliban has spurred hopes that it could lead to an end to almost two decades of conflict in Afghanistan that has killed thousands and become America's longest war.

Below are the key details.

What is the agreement?

What will happen next?

The US-Taliban agreement would begin a phased withdrawal of American and coalition forces and also require the Taliban to initiate a formal dialogue with the Afghan government and other political and civil society groups on a permanent nationwide ceasefire and power-sharing in post-war Afghanistan.

How did the agreement come about?

Header image: In this file photo, new graduates of Afghan National Army march after completing a three month training programme at the Afghan Military Academy in Kabul. — AP