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Here's how you can find and own a high-end resort style villa in the Patriata valley

CG developments intends to bring to people comfortable yet luxurious summer homes in a high rental yield project.
Updated Apr 09, 2020 02:06pm

Stretched across a lush green hill station, the Patriata valley takes up about 310 kanal of an area in the north of Punjab.

To access the valley, one needs to drive for just 30 mins from main Murree, and over an hour via Murree Highway which runs through Islamabad.

CG Developments, in an attempt to bring innovative resort-style villas to Patriata, is launching a brand new product to have visitors enjoy the many benefits the location has to offer; the project also aims to improve tourism in the area.

Why Patriata?

The Patriata valley is home to lush vegetations that grow fruits and berries and line an array of trees of the Deyar (Deodar cedrus) variety; the area is also home to a clear water stream.

Residents report that sheets of clear blue skies with white, fluffy clouds blanket the site post 6pm.

Known for its exciting chairlift experience and some magical snow, the location is a perfect spot for those looking for a sweet getaway, seeking some time off from the daily grind.

CG developments brings to people a unique housing project where nature and modernity meet to create an unparalleled lifestyle.

How to find a home in the valley

CG developments is bringing a host of resort-style villas to Patriata; these will include luxury villas, spas and commercial districts among other plans.

The company intends to bring to people comfortable yet luxurious summer homes in a high rental yield project.

Visitors will also have the option of moving permanently to these homes in the valley of Patriata, or temporarily based on their needs and plans for leisure.

Here's a breakup of what's part of this scheme:

1. Luxury summer homes

This will include cottages, villas and lodges with ample amenities available to residents. A mosque and a commercial zone is also part of the plan.

An indoor swimming pool, exclusive to the project's 1 kanal cottage, is also offered.

Cottages built on Patriata valley will cover 0.5 and 1 kanal area, villas will take up 2-3 kanal area, and lodges about 0.27 marla.

All villas and cottages will be built to offer a 180 degree view of the valley.

To have people enjoy the weather to the fullest, the project will have central heating systems for all residential zones.

2. Resorts and spas

Luxurious suites by the pool can be rented to make the most out of the time you spend here at Patriata.

Chalets, designed specifically to keep comfort in focus, ensure complete privacy at the Resort.

Following international standards of luxurious spas, a contract has also been signed with an international franchise.

3. Commercial areas

CG development aims to design the commercial zone as a modern, open atrium bazaar with a traditional, high-end retail area that will include centers for leisure activities, restaurants and convenience stores.

4. Other project features

The project will include a gated community space with a special community center housing a gym, snooker zone, event areas for social gatherings and more.

All residences inside the Patriata Valley Resort will have temperature-controlled rooms ensuring that the overall experience remains unmarred.

Five star hotels and retail areas will be easily accessible from the residential zone. Each room will allow people to have a view of the valley of Patriata.

One of the key features of this community space includes linked hiking trails close to the Patriata chair lift.

All this and more make this project an ideal investment opportunity for rentals.

In a first of its kind move, the project will also offer premium maintenance services.

Take a quick tour of the project here

Here's a glimpse of what the project will look like:

About CG Developments

Pakistan's renowned architects with over 30 years of professional experience have set out to establish this real estate project under what is today known as CG Developments; CG Developments is part of Consultants Group that was set up in 1987.

For the very first time, Pakistan is witnessing architects venturing into the area of real estate development.

For more details on how to book the facility, head over to CG Developments' official website.

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