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The 'Forman Experience' program acclimates freshmen to various academic experiences at FCCU. Here's how

Designed by academicians, this course helps students tackle academic and real life challenges.
Updated 06 Dec, 2019 03:57pm

Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) is the first member of The Global Liberal Arts Alliance in all of Asia, with the institution's legacy spanning across 155 years of quality education.

FCCU was the first college in the region to form a Graduates’ Association (1896), open a Biology department (1898), adopt co-education (1902), open a Technical Chemistry department (1919), and start Geography classes (1924). Today, FCCU is setting new development milestones through its innovative Forman Experience, a program initiated to help freshmen students’ transition well into university life.

What is Forman Experience?

The Forman Experience comprises of a special course (UNIV 100) designed by academicians at FCCU which helps freshmen acclimate to the varied academic experiences offered at FCCU.

Special academic advisors assigned to students guide them through each step of university life; three weeks of social activities, seminars, workshops and conferences are specifically designed to help students from diverse backgrounds understand the balance of academics and co-curricular activities in a liberal arts environment.

At FCCU, life and learning complement each other with a genuine American-style liberal arts Baccalaureate (Hons) program which provides undergraduates the opportunity to experience university life at the fullest.

Students are encouraged to blend formal degree programs with extracurricular activities; they are given the freedom to choose their courses, class schedules and even instructors.

FCCU remains a truly student-centered university where teachers and students come together to tackle academic challenges and cultivate modern, sustainable teaching methodologies that go beyond the classroom.

About the campus

FCCU’s 105-acre campus is home to over 7700 students and more than 1000 faculty and staff members.

The campus serves as a cultural hub and boasts climate-appropriate, spacious academic buildings and residences that add to the beauty of architecture in Lahore.

The modern infrastructure gives students access to latest lab equipment and facilities, and the vast green grounds provide students with a peaceful ambiance conducive for a healthy and happy mind. Eight on-campus hostels are home to over 1300 male and female students coming from different parts of the country.

Activities at FCCU

FCCU’s inclusive community strives to foster diversity; students learn to respect different opinions and perspectives, and are encouraged to engage in intellectual exploration.

With over 35 student-run societies, there’s no shortage of things to do on campus.

A robust merit scholarships and need-based financial assistance program - along with teaching assistantships - ensures students from a wide range of backgrounds have access to a well-rounded academic experience.

Research opportunities via institutional grants

The University's commitment to innovative education enables students to work directly with faculty on research.

Institutional grants and MoUs with industry and research institutions give faculty and students access to work on the latest research in their fields.

FCCU has also established an Internal Research Innovation Fund (IRIF) to support faculty and students.

A special emphasis is placed on entrepreneurship through the Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC).

At FCCU, learning happens within and outside of classrooms.

FCCU is constantly searching for ways to address the needs of its students by introducing innovative teaching methodologies to improve the quality of education in Pakistan and empower leaders of the future.

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