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Co-curriculars are never left behind at The City School. Here's how

Through various specialised programs and activities, the school aims to produce well-rounded individuals every year.
Updated Sep 20, 2019 10:51am

What sets The City School apart is not just the results that its students achieve, but also the wide range of co-curricular activities that enrich the overall experience; these activities help hone skills and bring out creative and artistic sides in each student so they become well-rounded individuals upon graduation.

The City School students have continued to claim some of the top positions in Pakistan's education systems throughout the years, as a result of the excellent training of their teachers and numerous student-support opportunities provided by the school; this year as well the school achieved good results in O and A levels assessments.

The School is one of the leading private school networks of Pakistan with over 170 schools in over 52 cities; it is a proud provider of education to over 130,000 students across Pakistan. This year alone, 26,546 students appeared for their O/A’ Levels examinations, from the northern, central and southern regions of the school.

Here's a quick look at the many programmes and activities the school runs to achieve its target of producing well-rounded graduates every year:

The Early Years Education programme

Training in extracurricular activities starts from the very beginning, with the 'Early Years Education' programme through students’ involvement in art, music, role-play, design and technology. The strong foundation created at Early Years is also done through STREAM education, sensory rooms on campuses and e-learning which are strong learning aids that help a child gain conceptual knowledge, making them holistic students in their senior classes.

The Youth Programme

The 'Youth Programme' is an added student wing that enables students to become resourceful, responsible and productive global citizens.

It comprises of the 'Cityzenship' programme, 'Adventure Hospitality' programme and corporate social responsibility.

Under these umbrellas numerous initiatives are taken. Some include: sensitivity and empathy towards the underprivileged and minorities, dealing with teen behavioural problems, human rights, contributing to the society at large, recycling and waste management, and other such initiatives.

Taking part in these programmes equips students to be able to empathise with society, learn skills and become more open to inclusivity.

However this is just a tip of the iceberg. There are a number of other noteworthy opportunities in-store for the students.

These include the mentorship programme through which students receive advice from alumni for their studies, and Leadership conferences which help to enhance the personality of students.

There are also Model United Nations (MUN) and parliamentary debates which inculcate confidence in students and polish their public speaking skills. The 'Alumni Advocates' programme helps alumni keep their connection alive with their alma mater and give back to the school in different ways.

Adventure Tourism

The City School offers 'Adventure Tourism' to its students through which they get an opportunity to visit different countries and learn about the many different approaches to education, lifestyles and cultures.

This broadens the students’ vision, provides them with apt exposure and develops their adventure skills.

This way student tours lay the foundation for their future study experiences as a number of graduates aim to go to different countries for higher education.

Co-curriculars for O/A level students

A number of sports activities are offered at The City School along with gym facilities.

Inclusion of these alongside education inculcates teamwork, discipline, confidence and accountability among the students.

There are also inter-class, inter-school, inter-city and inter-region competitions to promote healthy competitions amongst students. This is a progressive step to enhance the skill set of each student.

Through summer school, students are encouraged to take part in charitable programmes of different organizations like CARE Foundation, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, Sun Rise Institute, Kashf Foundation, Ali Institute, Plan 9 and others. With these internships, students get to experience the different flavours of professional lives and also nurture their sense of responsibility.

What is the secret ingredient in developing holistic learning experiences?

The City School has - for the past forty years - polished and graduated thousands of students who represent Pakistan in multiple ways around the world.

What makes the foundation of success stories of TCS students? A balance of what they learn inside the classroom versus what they learn outside the classroom. This remains the essence of what The City School continues to deliver.

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