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Here's how Sceptre College is providing a one-of-a-kind, holistic educational experience in Karachi

The college is the only A-levels facility that is introducing VR technology to enrich the classroom experience.

Updated Aug 06, 2019 09:15am

Located in Clifton's bustling block 9, Sceptre College welcomes a proficient team of faculty members and high achievers under one roof.

Among many others, some of the College's most celebrated faculty members include Farhan Khan for Chemistry, Nadeem Islam for Physics, Zeeshan Jaka for Math, Jarrar Hashmi for Accounts, Zeeshan Ansari for business, Zain Merchant for Computer Science, Hamza Shafiq for Economics.

The College offers courses in the fields of science, commerce and humanities, covering all major subjects. The school also conducts classes for creative fields like design and textile, environmental management, thinking skills, and travel and tourism.

Here's a look at few of Sceptre College's key offerings:

Introduction of VR technology

Sceptre College encourages experiential learning through use of Virtual Reality (VR) technology; this is a first-of-its-kind initiative for an A-level college in Pakistan.

The VR room brings to learners diverse experiences from far and beyond in real time.

Facebook’s high-tech Oculus Rift goggles allow students to have a 3-D experience while learning.

Counselling and school management

Sceptre is proud to announce that Nadeem Islam, with over 20 years of teaching and school management experience in top A level colleges in Karachi, is taking up the position of Principal at the college.

Weekly counseling sessions are scheduled with students who are applying for universities abroad, and locally; they are advised and guided through the application process as well.

SAT advice is also made available for students with special preparatory classes held on-campus under Anees Hussain.

No tuition policy

Sceptre follows a no-tuition policy as:

Confidence-building exercises

Life at Sceptre isn't all about academic learning.

The college places special emphasis on personal grooming under all academic activities with a dedicated team of academic, personal and university-based counselors awaiting eager students. A specially designed co-curricular program has been introduced to help students build soft skills.

Guest speakers from various walks of life and business backgrounds are invited periodically to mentor students and give them an opportunity to learn better through discussions on real life experiences.

Students are encouraged to participate in all events and co-curricular activities that help build soft skills.

Special co-curricular program has been developed by Sceptre College to help students learn the skills that can enable them to master areas of trending creative fields like graphic design, film-making, foreign languages, computer coding and programming, entrepreneurship and more.

Campus facilities

Sceptre College is housed in a purpose-built campus state-of-the-art facilities; the school has invested heavily to include modern lecture rooms, two common rooms, cafeteria, library, art room, gym, computer lab, science lab, swimming pool, and multi-purpose sports court.

CEO's note

Sceptre College is a modern and progressive institute being led by a woman, Ms Nisha Ghumro. Ms. Ghumro's academic background is as follows:

Here's what she has to say about the college:

For more updates on the various activities conducted at the college, head over to their official Facebook page.

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