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Team Pakistan bags 5 medals in World Memory Sports Council's UK Open Championships 2019

13 different teams participated in the championships held in London.

Updated Jul 02, 2019 10:58am

Students of Institute of Human Memory Development took part in the 2019 UK Open Championships organised by World Memory Sports Council; the three competitions, held back-to-back in London, included, speed-reading, mind mapping, and memory championships.

Team Pakistan brought home 5 medals, including 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze. This was a proud moment for the teams as they represented Pakistan on an international platform.

13 different teams, belonging to countries like China, India, Russia, England, Wales, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey and Australia, were part of the championship in London; the trip was sponsored by Consultants for Our Future World (Pvt) Ltd.

Winners of the 2019 UK Open Championships

Kisa Zehra Gold Medal – Names & Faces Discipline, 2019 UK Open Memory Championship

Kisa Zehra Gold Position, 2019 UK Open Speed-Reading Champion

Nabeel Hasan Gold Position, 2019 UK Open Junior Memory Champion

Kisa Zehra Silver Medal, 2019 UK Open Mind Mapping Championship

Nabeel Hasan Bronze Medal, 2019 UK Open Mind Mapping Championship

Sania Alam Promoted to Level 3 Arbiter, By Guild of Mind Sports Arbiters (GOMSA)

Why mind sports?

Mind sports are competitions where skills of intellectual ability are measured as opposed to physical sports.

The idea of sport, as broadened over the years, is no longer restricted to games that involve physical exertion, but also now include mental sharpness, speed and performance.

In Pakistan most activities are centered on physical sports, the most popular being cricket.

While physical activities hold valuable benefits in their own respect, Pakistan in general has put less emphasis in sports concerning mental exercise.

How do students benefit from mind mapping activities?

Traditional academic systems running in Pakistan place special emphasis on educating the young through use of standardised, text book-based content that is assessed through periodic examinations annually.

With the 'speed-reading' course, students can learn from text books in hours in place of one full academic year. This is offered to ensure that students learn more in lesser time, exhausting significantly lesser funds. Such modules also equip students with the time and money required to focus on skill-building.

On the other hand, mind mapping helps manage and organise large amount of information in a single page. Using the human brain’s natural ways of learning, a mind map becomes the best tool to store and recall large amounts of information.

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