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The organisation seeks donations for these projects to continue providing quality healthcare to Pakistan.

This is how Patients' Aid Foundation is building a 600-bed OPD and cancer research facility

The organisation seeks donations for multiple projects to continue providing quality healthcare to Pakistan.
Updated May 31, 2019 02:35pm

Patients' Aid Foundation was founded when a group of concerned citizens planned on reducing the burden on Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre Karachi (JPMC) in 1990.

Through a private-public partnership, the organisation today is de-stressing the country's oldest government-run hospital to provide quality, free-of-charge healthcare to the thousands of patients that await assistance at the facility.

Here's what Patients' Aid Foundation has achieved so far

Housed within JPMC Karachi, Patients' Aid Foundation has relentlessly been serving its motto of 'humanity meets healthcare' for over two decades.

Beginning their journey exclusively with the Blood Bank, the Patients' Aid Foundation today has expanded reach to over 14 departments and various multi-billion projects within the JPMC.

The Patients' Aid Foundation has so far completed ten large-scale projects and established a state-of-the-art blood bank and laboratory with Pakistan's first CyberKnife facility.

The organisation has also been able to:

Upcoming projects

The Patients' Aid Foundation is striving to take under its fold projects like Cyber Knife 2, a new 600-bed OPD and surgical complex and a world-class comprehensive cancer research and treatment facility.

1. CyberKnife 2

Patients' Aid Foundation is expanding capacity for treatment of early stage cancer by bringing in a second unit of CyberKnife; a program which enables cancer treatment involving precise, painless and non-invasive radiation.

Mushtaq Chhapra, the organisation's founding philanthropist, indicates that the procedure carries 99% success rate based on patients' radiological tests which determine their eligibility towards the treatment.

The project will incur a cost of approximately USD 4.1 million.

2. Department of neuromedicine and Stroke Unit

This department aims to become a dedicated stroke unit having capability to manage all types of hemorrhagic and infracted brain lesions. It will be run jointly by neuro-medicine, interventional radiologists and neurosurgeons.

The total cost of this project is Rs400 million and will be completed in 2019-2020.

3. Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

With mental illnesses rising across the country at an unprecedented rate, the Foundation aims to build a state-of-the-art facility to cater to all disciplines of psychiatry and behavioral sciences.

This project will be completed in 2019-2020.

4. Jinnah Food Complex

A Rs300 million project, the Jinnah Food Complex, will be a step towards providing hygienic, quality and free of cost meals to patients, their attendants and staff at the JPMC.

5. Jinnah Institute for Cancer and Research

Aiming to build a comprehensive, world-class cancer diagnosis treatment and research facility, the project will be one of the largest centers of the world worthy of 60 million USD in total.

This unit, under a public-private partnership, will carry 13 satellite centers across Pakistan while offering free-of-charge cancer care.

6. OPD and Surgical Complex

The newly built OPD and Surgical complex is a 600-bed facility with 20 operating theaters and an out-patients’ department serving 4,000 patients a day.

The OPD area has been inaugurated and is currently serving patients; the Surgical area shall be inaugurated soon.

Here's how Pakistan can help further this cause

The Patients' Aid Foundation looks forward to receiving support via zakat or general donations.

Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center is one of the busiest public hospitals serving over 1.5 million patients each year. Patients’ Aid Foundation needs support to continue investments in the best medical technology, management of world-class infrastructure and human resources to turn its dreams into reality.

To find ways to donate to this cause, head over to the donations' section on Patients' Aid Foundation's official website.

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