'This was always on the cards': Politicians, journalists react to Asad Umar's departure

Umar departed from the cabinet days after news of a cabinet reshuffle was rubbished by the government.
Published April 18, 2019

Moments after Finance Minister Asad Umar broke the news of his departure from the cabinet — only days after reports of a reshuffle in the cabinet were rubbished by the government's spokesperson — journalists and politicians shared their reactions to the seismic change in the government's make-up.

Shahbaz Sharif - PML-N

"I had said it on the first day that Pakistan's economy is ailing because of ego, stubbornness and arrogance. Imran Khan should leave these three virtues behind and focus on fixing the economy. We had offered a charter of economy on the first day. Had time not been wasted, the country would not have been facing the current economic disaster. If more time is wasted, the nation will have to face further adverse effects of a failing economy."

Marriyum Aurangzeb - PML-N

"If PTI’s and Asad Umer’s policies were so good, and the problems were from PML-N government,then why was he asked to step down.This is an admission by Imran Khan that his polices have created an economic crisis in Pakistan. the real problem is not Asad. It is the PM.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari - PPP

"Since this government has come in the nation is faced with an economic crisis. The government had lacked direction, it did not have any clue what to do. The IMF package was still being negotiated nine months after the government had come in. We hope things will get better, there will be more direction."

Senator Rehman Malik

Asad Umer is the first causality, rather, he has been made escape goat to cover the failure of the government. In fact government needs to make Economic structural changes by utilising all available resources & plan out the national debt retirement .

Mohammad Zubair - PML-N

"Whoever comes now will take a running start and implement the things that need to be done."

Talat Hussain

"Asad Umar departs after negotiating a deal with the IMF and before the budget and after plunging the economy into chaos. You can only imagine the state of dysfunction in this government that the star finance minister didn't last even a year!"

Asma Shirazi

"It’s not your failure, isn’t it the failure of the government?"

Nadeem Farooq Paracha

"This was always on the cards. Wonder why the party kicked up a storm when his ouster was leaked a few days ago. His refusal to take up another ministry suggests that he isn't all that thrilled by the 'resignation'."

Mosharraf Zaidi

"Austerity hawks, anti reform seths, and retired grandpas have won, and Asad Umar has lost. The young core of the PTI has been cheated and lied to. Terrible day for well wishers of Tabdeeli."

Murtaza Solangi

"We shall soon find out that all indecision to go to IMF was actually caused by Imran Khan himself. We can’t blame Asad Umar only. The rot began at the top."

Umar Cheema

"All those in the govt denied earlier and put on notice to ARY/BOL for breaking this news must apologise."

Umair Javed

"Sources of ARY and BOL are not just credible, they're incredible. (because they are in power)"

Mubashir Zaidi

"When there are no finances, what is the need for a finance minister?"

Marvi Sirmed

"State of dwindling economy has nothing to do with firing of Asad Umar because the prime minister doesn't even believe that there's a problem with handling of economy. Main reason of Asad Umar's fall is probably his recent attempts to hit the interests of immensely powerful sugar lobby. Mafia wins."