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The City School channels the power of positivity for students through 'LOL'

The school recently organised interactive sessions with RJ Khalid Malik to empower students.
Updated May 13, 2019 03:57pm

The City School collaborated with Khalid Malik to conduct 'Live Out Loud' (LOL) interactive sessions, which are especially designed for the youth.

Held in The City School's branches across Pakistan, the event aimed to inspire a progressive streak in students by combating negativity and unrealistic targets.

Khalid Malik talks about the importance of a positive outlook on life

In a lively talk with children, Khalid shared his own life lessons and talked about the importance of a positive attitude and attainable goal setting in detail.

The sessions also touched upon modern age plagues like bullying, depression and drug abuse that a lot of children suffer from, with viable solutions from the host.

To lighten things up, the intense talk included brief musical interludes as a breather for kids.

More sessions planned for students

The two-hour-long sessions were well-received by students who participated keenly to express their enthusiasm. 'Live Out Loud' taught children to look beyond the hurdles in life head on and aim for big dreams, one small step at a time.

The City School’s choice of conducting the sessions with Khalid Malik speaks volumes about the message the school wants to convey on how there is no set formula for success.

One can be whatever they want in life, just as long as they are equipped with the right skills to create their own route to self-fulfillment.

The sessions were deemed a laudable initiative towards cracking the social mirror for students and presenting them with practical guidelines to function in the challenging world.

More motivational sessions are scheduled in campuses of the school around the country.

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