Mercedes launches new all-electric SUV

We take a closer look at the Mercedes EQC to see what sets its apart from competitors.
Published October 1, 2018

Mercedes Benz recently invited journalists from the world over to Sweden’s capital Stockholm for the launch of its new all-electric SUV.

The EQC is the first of Mercedes' new electric EQ line. The media echo surrounding the unveiling was generally positive.

“I think its going to bring Mercedes Benz into the realm of electric mobility.”, said one attendee.

The EQC’s proportions class it as a crossover SUV, and it comes with all the latest safety features and driver assistance systems that Mercedes has to offer.

Multi-beam LED headlights are standard in this model. They are designed to provide maximum illumination at night, without blinding oncoming drivers.

"For the first time, these headlights are linked with the grill," said Mercedes’ Robert Lesnik. "You may wonder why does an electric car need a grill, but the trouble is if you do away with everything, the car can look faceless or anonymous, and of course that wouldn’t work at all for a brand like Mercedes."

The EQC is driven by two electric motors, one at the front and one at the rear axle.

Each compact motor unit includes a fixed ratio transmission with a differential. This then links up with the 80 kW/h lithium ion battery pack housed in the vehicle floor.

According to the new European Driving Cycle Emissions test, the EQC delivers 300 kW of power, with a range of 450 kms. The top speed is electronically capped at 180 km/h.

In addition to the standard version, there’ll be an AMG line package for car buyers wanting a sportier look. It will have a few design differences and alloy wheels up to 21 inches, but it’s technologically identical to the normal EQC.

From the side, the EQC looks rather like the GLE, but the front is very different.

A look at the interior also reveals this is a very different kind of Mercedes. The designers in Stuttgart have come up with a number of ideas to give the EQC a character of its own.

"Mercedes’ air vents are normally round," says Hartmut Sinkwitz of Mercedes. "There are three or four very dominant round air vents which stand in stark contrast to the rectangular screens."

These air vents are inspired by circuit boards with rose gold highlights, in a nod to the digital world. They’re designed to give the interior and the instrument cluster a more digital, high tech oriented feel about them.

The EQC features the new Mercedes user experience infotainment system which has been expanded to include information specific to the EQ, such as battery level and energy flow.

Overall, the interior feels very modern without compromising on luxury.

The EQC is said to go on sale next summer. Mercedes has not yet set a price.

This content has been published in partnership with Deutsche Welle (DW).