PML-N leader Talal Chaudhry on Thursday challenged the Supreme Court's verdict against him in a contempt-of-court case that had rendered him disqualified to contest elections for five years.

The former minister of state for interior, in his appeal, has claimed that he was punished without the charges being proven against him and that the evidence in the case was not reviewed properly.

Chaudhry, one of the most outspoken PML-N leaders, alleged that the prosecution's perspective was given importance but the defence's perspective was ignored.

He further claimed that he was not "given the benefit of the doubt" despite the presence "material against the prosecution".

Chaudhry stressed that there were enough irregularities and illegalities in the case for his verdict to be set aside.

Chaudhry's contempt conviction

On August 2, the Supreme Court had held Chaudhry in contempt of court for his speech at a PML-N rally in Jarranwala where he had said: "There was an era when the Kaabah was full of idols. Today, the judiciary, which is the country's highest institution, is also full of PCO [Provisional Constitution Order] idols."

In the same speech, Chaudhry said: "Nawaz Sharif, throw them out, throw him out of the court. They will not give justice but will continue their injustices."

A three-judge bench, headed by Justice Gulzar Ahmed, disposing of the case, had handed him a Rs0.1 million fine and sentenced him till the rising of the court.