Election 2018 survey results: And the winner is...

PTI voters once again truly believe their party will win the 2018 elections. See all results now.
Updated Jul 19, 2018 08:16pm

With polls just around the corner, invited readers to share their thoughts and predictions regarding the 2018 general elections in an online survey.

The snapshot, non-scientific survey that ran from July 4-9 was taken by 18,136 respondents.

Results are below.

Respondent demographics

1. Do you believe the upcoming elections will be free and fair?

2. Do you plan to vote in the upcoming elections?

A majority do

3. Did you vote in the 2013 elections?

Just over half voted last time

4. If you did vote in 2013, which party did you vote for?

PTI over-represented in this survey, reflective of site visitors

5. If you have to pick a party to vote for, which party would you choose?

Charts below show whether respondents who voted in 2013 opted to change alliances

6. Which party do you believe will ACTUALLY win a majority in the elections?

What those who voted PTI in 2013 think

What those who voted PML-N in 2013 think

What those who voted PPP in 2013 think

Responses by age and location

7. To what extent will the following impact the outcome of the elections?


Armed forces seen to have biggest impact on the elections out of all institutions/organisations


Almost half believe the judiciary has an impact on the elections

Traditional media

Just over 50% believe traditional media shapes the elections

Social media

Social media is seen to have more impact than traditional media

Election observers (local and international)

Religious organisations

Global powers