Hours after National University of Science and Technology (NUST) took notice of the offensive remarks made by its student against the recently 'abducted' journalist Gul Bukhari, the student tweeted an apology and expressed remorse over his inappropriate statement.

NUST on Friday took notice of the offensive remarks made by its student Mursaleen. "NUST management has taken notice of the remarks made by its student, Muhammad Mursaleen, and appropriate action is being taken in this regard," read a tweet posted on the university's official Twitter account.

Hours later, the student in question, tweeted an apology to Bukhari from his account, in which he expressed remorse over his inappropriate statement.

"I apologise for my remarks against Gul Bukhari, and for the anguish caused. My expression and choice of words were unacceptable. I shall be counselled by NUST Centre for Counselling and Career Advisory, and undergo mandatory community service so as to develop respect for women," he tweeted.

Appreciating the gesture, Bukhari tweeted this response:

"Thank you for your apology. You are probably young enough to be my son. I do pray to god that you never wish sexual torture on any woman, leave alone on a woman old enough to be your mother. My sincere prayers for your future. God bless."

According to a journalist at Waqt TV, Bukhari was on her way to the Waqt TV studio on the Fatimah Jinnah Road (Queen's Road) for a talk show on Tuesday night when the vehicle she was travelling in was intercepted by unknown persons. She was subsequently abducted on Sherpao Bridge in Lahore's Cantonment area. Her family had reported her missing to the police.

Early on Wednesday, her family confirmed she was home and “fine”.

A vocal critic of the military, Bukhari is a journalist and activist who has worked in broadcast and print for several media groups in Pakistan. Bukhari is presently a contributing Op-Ed writer at The Nation and was set to appear as an analyst on Waqt TV show '2vs2'.