Balochistan National Party

Balochistan National Party

Balochistan National Party

Formed in: 1996

Balochistan National Party espouses for greater autonomy for provinces, especially Balochistan, via peaceful and democratic means.

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2018 elections

BNP-M has fielded candidates from 14 NA seats — all 14 from Balochistan.

2013 elections

Despite BNP chief Akhtar Mengal's return from exile to contest the 2013 elections, the party was able to win only two seats — one Mengal’s own — in the Balochistan Assembly and one in the National Assembly. This led to the party initially rejecting the election results altogether, claiming widespread rigging. However, later, all its three lawmakers decided to take oath and sit on opposition benches in both houses.

Previous elections

The BNP boycotted the 2008 elections in protest against the military operation, extra-judicial killings and the illegal detention of political activists by the intelligence agencies in Balochistan.

The party took part in the 2002 elections, but resigned from parliament and the Balochistan Assembly in 2005 after the assassination of Akbar Bugti in an army operation.

The party won nine seats in Balochistan in the 1997 elections, following which, Akhtar Mengal became the chief minister with support from Nawab Akbar Bugti’s Jamhoori Watan Party. Mengal's stint proved to be short-lived as the party was struck with internal strife and the BNP leader resigned from his chief ministership on the pretext of not being consulted over nuclear tests in Balochistan. A breakaway faction of BNP, the BNP-Awami, was then formed under the leadership of Israrullah Zehri.

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