Where does Nawaz Sharif's disqualification for life leave him and the PML-N?

Analysts and politicians give their take.
Published April 13, 2018

In a landmark verdict, the Supreme Court today ruled that the disqualification handed down to former prime minister Nawaz Sharif under Article 62 (1)(f) of the Constitution is for life. The decision also affects Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's Jahangir Tareen.

What impact will the ruling have on Pakistan's largest party? How will it impact the upcoming general elections? Where do the Parliament and the judiciary stand after this decision? Analysts and politicians give their take:

'The verdict will decide the tone PML-N takes' — Mazhar Abbas

We will have to wait for the reaction of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. The decision will have its political implications. Nawaz Sharif will intensify his narrative and it will be difficult for Shahbaz Sharif to take a different line from the one being towed by Nawaz.

The timing of the verdict will decide the tone the PML-N takes for the next general elections. Crises will be deepened if Shahbaz keeps his tone soft.

'Nawaz will devise his electoral campaign around the verdict' — Talat Hussain

The decision will affect the party and the workers. The question is whether Nawaz Sharif will accept the decision or not. I think he will not accept it and intensify his campaign.

Yes, there is a chance that the PML-N would boycott the next general elections, but any such decision will destroy the party. My opinion is that Nawaz will devise his electoral campaign around the verdict.

'It was clear that the disqualification would be for life' — Justice Shaiq Usmani

When it comes to the character of a person, when the court decides that a person is not sadiq and ameen, it can't be said that he was not sadiq and ameen for five years. It was clear that the disqualification would be for life.

Ordinary people are not impressed with the decision and the way the PML-N has played it, their popularity has increased. It may well be that our nation supports underdogs and those jin kay saath ziyadti hui.

The PML-N has only one option: If they win, they have the right to bring an amendment in the Constitution and remove the clauses that have led to Nawaz's disqualification.

'The credibility of the court has increased' — Owais Ahmed

People might not understand legal intricacies but they will begin viewing these decisions as an increase in the credibility of judiciary.

There is no doubt that the courts didn't take good decisions in the past, but when the judiciary was restored in 2009, a bold judiciary came into place.

The credibility of the court has increased to a great extent.

'The definition the law is clear now' — Sheikh Rasheed

The definition of the Article was not clear before today but now it is clear. I don't know what role Nawaz Sharif will play but my analysis is this: sharif naam ki har siyasast election se pehle farigh ho gai.

I always thought that disqualification was for life and should be. But please remember that my review is pending and I have not been disqualified for something illegal or for corruption. I pay my taxes. I was disqualified on very narrow grounds.

There is no link between my case and Nawaz Sharif's case. He is a money launderer. I always declared my assets and he hid them.

'The PPP believes in the supremacy of the Parliament' — Syed Khursheed Shah

There is no need to fight now if the Supreme Court has ruled. The Constitution and law under which Nawaz Sharif was punished is very clear.

The Pakistan People's Party believes in the supremacy of the Parliament. Unfortunately, the enemies of the nation have trampled on the Parliament.