The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Sunday, acting on a tip by Interpol Canada, arrested in Jhang an alleged member of a group that shared child pornography videos.

FIA anti-crime unit's deputy director Khalid Anis said that 60 gigabytes worth of data was found on the laptop and computer of the accused, who is an electrical engineer by profession.

"The suspect is a part of an international gang that shares porn videos among themselves," Anis said. "We're investigating how many members there are in this group."

The FIA said the suspect, who had joined the group two years ago, was traced with the help of PTCL and his IP address. He was arrested from the Saddar area of Jhung.

"I used to do this for mental gratification only," the accused said.

"I had joined one group from where I found links to other groups."

FIA takes notice of child pornography

Following the unearthing of the ring, the FIA took notice of child sexual abuse and pornography in Pakistan, forming a two-member committee from its cyber crime wing to tackle the menace.

A notification issued in this regard directed all zonal incharges to compile reports on all registered cases regarding child sexual abuse and pornography in the country.

Punishment for child pornography in Pakistan

Pakistan’s laws did not contain punishments for child pornography until after the infamous 2015 Kasur child sexual abuse case, after which a law was passed that made the crime punishable.

But the two-to-seven-year prison sentence was deemed minute and not a big enough deterrent due to the amounts of money involved.

A bill for more severe punishment was passed by the National Assembly Standing Committee on Interior in October 2017.

Child pornography offences in Pakistan now carry a prison sentence ranging from 14 to 20 years.