3 selfless ways to do good this Ramazan

In the month of giving and sacrifice, here are a few different ways to reach out to those who need us the most.
Published June 23, 2017

As the blessed month of Ramazan draws to a close, here are a few ways to spread good by being more thoughtful and selfless in your daily life.

Help out at home

Charity begins at home! Give out a hand to your dad in doing some chores, or help mom in the kitchen.

Ramazan is a good time to acknowledge that whatever happens, your family is always around and there for you. Even small gestures for our loved ones go a long way, and are always a heartwarming act that they will cherish.

Be nice to those around you

To the traffic police on the road, or to your neighbours in the block, smile, be nice and try to be more accommodating and supportive of each other.

The tradition of sending out iftar to neighbours or doing sehri together is dying out - try to rekindle these traditions by spending more time with people that are around you.

Donate with a difference

How many of us have spare clothes lying around in our closet, never to be worn again?

Kids outgrow clothes every year, and we often end up buying new outfits after every shopping trip.

Many of us wish to donate these outfits that are most of the time as good as new, but usually they end up in the attic or the back of the closet.

This Ramazan, you can do things differently.

Surf Excel has launched a clothes donation drive as part of their Neki ek Ibadat campaign, through which you can send your good thoughts and also your spare clothes to the less privileged.

Here is how it works:

  1. Give a missed call to 90131 from anywhere in Pakistan.

  2. A representative from Surf Excel will call you and take relevant information.

  3. Surf Excel's official courier service partner M&P (previously known as OCS) will have the donations picked up from your doorstep. You can also drop off your donations to your nearest drop off location.

  4. These donations will be distributed to the needy by Akhuwat Trust and Karachi Relief Trust.

Neki is indeed the greatest ibadat you can do this Ramazan, and the true spirit of the month is putting others before yourself. Share the sentiment with someone in need and extend your help and love to those who look forward to it all year round.

This content has been produced in paid partnership with Surf Excel Pakistan.