Army Public School attack: Muhammad Hussain (Gardener) - Age 24

Son of Shamsher Khan and Saira BibiChildren: Hina (7), Iqra (5) and Aneesa (3)Muhammad Hussain served as gardener in...
Published December 8, 2015

Son of Shamsher Khan and Saira Bibi

Children: Hina (7), Iqra (5) and Aneesa (3)

Muhammad Hussain served as gardener in the Army Public School (APS) for a period of seven years. After his passing in the Peshawar massacre, his brother Naheed Khan was offered the job that he took. Naheed says he got to know much more about his brother from his colleagues in the APS who all found Hussain an amicable and honest fellow.

Hussain was a hard working man, his brother recalls, saying how after his gardening job at the APS, he would return home and go to work as a farmer in the fields. Hussain enjoyed playing cricket and was good in the game.

Hussain leaves behind a widow and three children. His wife still asks why her husband was killed and his father appears broken at the death of his young son.

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