Army Public School attack: Umair Arshad - Age 14

Son of Arshad Ali and Salma ArshadSiblings: Ayesha Arshad (17), Sumayya Arshad (14), Muhammad Uzair Arshad (9),...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Arshad Ali and Salma Arshad

Siblings: Ayesha Arshad (17), Sumayya Arshad (14), Muhammad Uzair Arshad (9), Mohammad Zubair Arshad (5)

The son of a soldier, Umair aspired to become an airforce pilot. He used to collect pictures and information on fighter jets used by Pakistan and other countries. For his age, he had a good understanding of what it takes to be a soldier in a country marred by terror.

A little weak in his studies in the beginning, Umair worked hard and eventually began to secure 80 per cent or more marks in all his exams.

Umair was also very fond of race cars and heavy bikes and loved collecting pictures of these vehicles. His father remembers how he had bought a bike for Umair and wanted to surprise him but it was not to be as this happened on the day of the APS attack in which his son passed away. Umair’s bike stands in the porch of his house, still unused.

Umair’s sister Ayesha, who was also his best friend, remembers how her brother loved to eat biryani, vegetables and BBQ and would often gather his friends and arrange BBQs for them.

His father recalls Umair as a respectful child, so much so that once when some young boys bullied him, he engaged with them in a very polite manner, following which the boys felt guilty and apologised.

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