Army Public School attack: Tanveer Hussain - Age 14

Son of N/Sub Rett Atta Mohammad and Jatti BibiSiblings: Mehwish Nasim (17), Khawar Shahzad (16), Mohammad Faraz...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of N/Sub Rett Atta Mohammad and Jatti Bibi

Siblings: Mehwish Nasim (17), Khawar Shahzad (16), Mohammad Faraz (12)

With an aspiration to become a doctor and serve the people of his native village of Nari in Khushab district, Tanveer was a bright and responsible child. Although young, he was relied upon by his siblings, both older and younger, and would help them with their homework.

Tanveer was also a good debater and would often partake in debating competitions. His father recalls how Tanveer had won many medals and how he himself wrote and worked on concepts for his debates. He also had a penchant for the Urdu language and paid special attention to it when compared to other subjects.

Young Tanveer liked playing cricket and was a prominent player in the school team. He also enjoyed different kinds of food, with parathas, sweet peas and burgers among his favourite.

His father remembers how Tanveer would also help his mother out in house chores and was a source of support to all members of the family.

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