Army Public School attack: Sohail Aslam - Age 14

Son of Hav Muhammad Aslam and Sakeem AslamSiblings: Muhammad Zohaib Aslam (9 years), Muhammad Zeeshan Aslam (5...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Hav Muhammad Aslam and Sakeem Aslam

Siblings: Muhammad Zohaib Aslam (9 years), Muhammad Zeeshan Aslam (5 years)

Eldest among the siblings, Sohail was a responsible and caring child. Being the oldest, he was close to his parents and would help them out in looking after the younger siblings and helping his mother in the kitchen. Sohail was also close to his brother Zohaib.

Sohail was a bright student and wanted to study at LUMS after high school. He began attending APS in November 2014, soon after his father’s transfer to Peshawar.

Sohail’s father remembers how his son made tea for the parents on the morning of Dec 16. He remembers Sohail to be really happy at the time.

A soldier’s son, Sohail too wanted to join the army. His father recalls how the two would often discuss different operations. Sohail would also read books on different soldiers and wars.

Sohail enjoyed watching cartoons, his favourite being Mickey Mouse which he would download and watch with his brother Zohaib. He liked playing cricket with Shahid Afridi being his favourite player. Sohail was also fond of bike riding and had asked his father to buy him one but was refused for being too young.

Sohail enjoyed travelling and would often go to tourist spots during holidays. He was supposed to take another trip in 2014 with his schoolmates but the tour was postponed. A yellow shirt and a blue pair of jeans he bought for the trip still lies packed and is placed on his table.

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