Army Public School attack: Saif Ullah Durrani - Age 14

Son of Tehseen Ullah Durrani and Falak NazSiblings: Sana (19), Hafsa (17), Ammara (11)Saif Ullah Durrani was known ...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Tehseen Ullah Durrani and Falak Naz

Siblings: Sana (19), Hafsa (17), Ammara (11)

Saif Ullah Durrani was known as ‘Potato’ to his classmates because of his love for the spud. He was fond of food and wanted to be a pilot when he was older.

He and his brother often competed with each other to offer prayers at a nearby mosque. Keeping the mosque clean and rendering other services to it was a hobby of his.

His sister says he was naughty, which other children liked. Every time she asked him to bring something for her, he would ask for a commission, refusing to do so otherwise.

His father says he would not eat lunch or dinner unless the gardeners, gatekeepers and drivers had theirs. He would personally go to them and ask them if they had eaten, and if any one hadn’t, he would request his mother to prepare a meal for them.

Saif’s father was disturbed and weeping throughout, unable to narrate stories of his son, but his mother says she has accepted the death of her son.

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