Army Public School attack : Syed Mujahid Hussain Shah - Age: 14

Updated Dec 14, 2015 12:10pm

Son of Zaib Hussain Shah and Sadia Bibi (late)

Siblings: Shahid Hussain Shah (15), Majid Hussain Shah (11), Maryum (9), Maria (7), Fawad (1)

When his mother died, Zahid Hussain took it upon himself to take care of his siblings. He never wanted them to feel her absence, so he showered them with his love. His youngest sister Maria was his favourite.

He was very good with electrical appliances, and was the go-to person if any appliance needed fixing.

His father says Zahid was an ordinary student, but that he worked tremendously hard. His best subject was English.

He was fond of skating. His father bought him a pair much to his delight, so he would often be seen skating outside the house.

His family says losing him has made them very bitter, but they pray for endurance and for better days.

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