Army Public School attack : Muhammad Zeeshan Afridi - Age: 18

Son of havaldar Awal Shah and Razia SanamSiblings: Naveed (28), Daud (25), Zainab Bibi (22), Noman (15), Faisal...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of havaldar Awal Shah and Razia Sanam

Siblings: Naveed (28), Daud (25), Zainab Bibi (22), Noman (15), Faisal (10)

His parents say he was a gift from god. He had a warm heart and loved to crack jokes. He was close to his mother and discusses every problem with her.

Because his house was far from the school, Zeeshan lived at the hostel. He loved to play cricket with the other students there. He was a good fast bowler. For this reason , he was the captain of the school cricket team.

He wanted to grow up and become a military doctor. He used to say that when he completes his medicine degree, he will serve the people affected by the military operation in FATA.

According to his father he was a good speaker, writer and reader. He got many medals and certificates in many fields. He was considered as a brilliant and intelligent student of his class. He always gets above than 90 percent marks in his academics. English and math was his favorite subjects.

His family says that they cannot eat, let alone laugh the way they used to when Zeeshan was in their lives. They miss him terribly.

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