Army Public School attack : Rana Muhammad Khushnood Zeb - Age: 14

Updated 14 Dec, 2015 12:11pm

Son of Sub Rana Aurangzeb and Ruqia Bibi

Siblings: Rana Sana Zeb (7th july 1995), Hafiz Rana Muhammad Aftab Zeb (25 Feb 1999), Rana Muhammad Mehtab Zeb (25 Feb 199)

“Main rang sharbatoon ka tu meethay ghaat ka pani”, Rana Muhammad Aftab Zeb would often sing in his soulful voice.

According to his father, Rana was a brilliant student and had excellent oratory, reading and writing skills. His favourite subject was math and he would always secure above 90pc marks in it. Equally good at sports, he played cricket, soccer and tennis. He wanted to become an army engineer.

He idolised cricketer Shahid Afridi and would try to emulate his style. Among politicians, he liked Imran Khan and would often do imitations of his speeches.

The family finds it hard to accept that their beloved son is dead. According to his father, they can never eat or laugh the way they did when he was alive.

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