Army Public School attack : Maher Ali Azam - Age: 19

Parents Name: N/Sub Kausar Ejaz, Mother: Zakia Yasmeen.Siblings: Hamid Ejaz (02 Nov 2002).Teachers, classmates and...
Published December 1, 2015

Parents Name: N/Sub Kausar Ejaz, Mother: Zakia Yasmeen.

Siblings: Hamid Ejaz (02 Nov 2002).

Teachers, classmates and relatives unanimously praise Maher Ali Azam, calling him decent, obedient and intelligent.

While his family was based in Jhelum village, he studied in APS and lived in a hostel. He wanted to become a doctor and serve the poor people in his village where he also aspired to open a hospital.

Besides being good in studies, he also took part in skits in school functions. In the very last event, he played the role of a doctor. He was also president of the Urdu literary club in his school. He was fond of playing cricket and was a member of the school cricket team.

Close to his aunt, Robina Kauser, he enlisted her help in his studies. She says he always told her that he wanted to earn a good name for his country.

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