Army Public School attack : Hafsa Khush (teacher) - Age: 23

D/O Prof Khush MuhammadSiblings: Muhammad Anas Khan (27), Javeria (23)Qualification: M.Sc. Botany, B.Ed., M.Phil. ...
Published December 1, 2015

D/O Prof Khush Muhammad

Siblings: Muhammad Anas Khan (27), Javeria (23)

Qualification: M.Sc. Botany, B.Ed., M.Phil. 2nd semester (University of Peshawar)

Occupation: Biology teacher

An intelligent and determined woman, Hafsa began working at the Army Public School in November 2013. Hafsa was a middle child and her brother Anas remembers her as very kind and responsible. She was close to her mother and was engaged to be married.

One of Hafsa’s best friends, Saher, remembers her as some who was very jolly and helpful. Saher recalls how the two of them would go shopping together and how Hafsa helped her shop for her wedding.

Her fellow teachers remember her as someone who was very punctual and professional. Hafsa never missed a class, was prominent among colleagues and also often arranged school get togethers.

Not only did she have excellent command on her subject, Hafsa’s students remember her as someone who wouldn’t leave class without clarifying her pupils’ concepts.

Her father, who is still shaken from Hafsa’s death, remembers how his daughter wanted to pursue a Ph.D. and was interested in an academic career.

Hafsa was fond of keeping pets and had birds and rabbits at home. She also enjoyed watching cricket, Misbahul Haq being her favourite player. Aside from this, Hafsa was also fond of different kinds of foods and her choices ranged from fast food items to vegetables.

She was fasting on the day of the APS massacre and as her students remember, despite having a chance to save herself and leave the premises, Hafsa chose to stay back to help injured students. It is during this time that Hafsa was shot and killed.

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