Army Public School attack: Muhammad Bilal (Gatekeeper) – Age 32

Updated 11 Dec, 2015 02:45pm

Son of Pervaiz Shah

Children: Abbas (3.5 years), Hanan (6 months old).

Bilal and his wife were expecting their second child when he was killed in the attack last December. His wife has named her newborn Hanan, because her husband loved that name.

He was attacked by the terrorists when they saw him helping children escape from a back exit.

He was a loving father. He wanted the best for his son Abbas, and dreamt that he would become a doctor some day.

He was a good sportsman and regularly played cricket with the APS students. He was strong, and was able to hit long sixes.

His wife and parents weep for their beloved Bilal. His youngest will never know her father.

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