Army Public School attack: Mohammad Shafiq (clerk) – Age 41

Son of Mohammad SadiqChildren: Saqib (8), Yusra (7), Afia(5), Fareeha (2)Shafiq was the head clerk at APS since ...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Mohammad Sadiq

Children: Saqib (8), Yusra (7), Afia(5), Fareeha (2)

Shafiq was the head clerk at APS since 1996. He was jokingly called the ‘pioneer employee’ of the school.

His brother says Shafiq qwas an honest and hard working member of the school staff. He loved and cared for the students with all his heart.

He longed for his children to have a good education. After school, he would drive a taxi to earn extra money to support his family. Two of his children are now studying at APS.

The day of the attack, Shafiq was busy evacuating terrified students when he was apprehended by terrorists. He had made his third trip back into the school during the rescue operation when he was struck.

His wife has been unable to accept the death of her life partner.

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