Army Public School attack: Muhammad Uzair Khan – Age 15

Son of Khalid Shakeel and Neghat YasmeenSiblings: Shehriyar (18), Umair (11)The second-born of three brothers, Uzair...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Khalid Shakeel and Neghat Yasmeen

Siblings: Shehriyar (18), Umair (11)

The second-born of three brothers, Uzair was a hardworking student who aspired to be a doctor.

He had a beautiful voice, and was often selected to recite Quranic verses at school events. The day of the attack, Uzair did a recitation that many of his teachers and friends recall.

His mother is inconsolable. She says her son did not want to go to school that day but she forced him to go. She says the guilt haunts her and that she misses her boy very much.

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