Army Public School attack: Adnan Hussain - Age 16

Son of Hav R Muhammad Hussain and Afsana HussainSiblings: Ishrat Fatima (8), Kashif Mehmood (14), Waqas Ahmed.Adnan...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Hav R Muhammad Hussain and Afsana Hussain

Siblings: Ishrat Fatima (8), Kashif Mehmood (14), Waqas Ahmed.

Adnan Hussain’s mother weeps as she holds up his blood-spattered shoes. He was very close to her, she says, adding that he would greet her first thing when he came home from school and wouldn’t eat his lunch or dinner without her.

On the day of the attack, Adnan took his father’s new joggers, saying, “What kind of a father are you? You buy new ones for yourself and have your son wear old shoes?” He lost one of the shoes during the siege on APS. Its brother has been locked away in a cupboard for safekeeping.

Adnan was seriously injured in the attack and passed away on the night of Dec 18 at 8:30pm.

His father says he was a bit aggressive but never fought with anyone; he was a jolly and loving child.

Both Adnan and his younger brother Kashir aspired to be doctors. He was a very punctual and obedient student, and was never absent from school without a good reason.

Fond of cricket and vice captain of his school team, he was a good batsman but favoured fast bowling. He also enjoyed board games like ludo, which he often played with his siblings.

Adnan frequented a hotel on Warsak Road with his friends. He was partial to ‘anda paratha’, chicken karahi and junk food but disliked vegetables.

He was interested in traveling and had expressed a desire to visit Kashmir.

His father says Adnan’s clothes had ‘fancy shoulders’ which he had expressed distaste for. After his son passed away, he realised the ‘shoulders’ were missing. His mother said that he had removed them the very same day, saying “My father didn’t like it so I also don’t like it.”

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